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Just sucessfully installed Japanese language patch. Very glad I made a back-up first despite the instructions not including that step, because there’s no way to turn it off if I want to play in English again later.

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Does anyone want to be friends on DuoLingo? I like the friend quests, but don’t have enough friends playing for me to get a partner every week :frowning:

Feel free to add me, my nick is… Sillsallad :slight_smile:

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What language and is it free?

It’s free with a paid option. They do push the paid version, but it’s not overly obnoxious.

The languages currently available in English:

You might be able to access some more if you speak another language fluently. The option to change it is in the top right, right above the language list.

They don’t have Basque in any language, not even English for Basque speakers. >:(

For games on Steam which have DLCS can you disable packs?

Yes, you’re able to manage DLC.

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I’m following you now. You’ll see one from KitKat889

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1)if anyone wants to follow me on Duoloingo it’s Anne Charming. But I’m only doing what’s known in Korean as Hangul (aka their lanuage in Korean).

2)on other news, has people heard that there’s new information about one of Hogwarts Legacy’s side kick characters? In this case the Slytherin one? We might get some news this week about the unheard of yet, Ravenclaw sidekick they been hush-hush about so far.

Has anyone played NieR: Automata? Although it came out a few years ago, a Nintendo Switch version has just been released, which I’m planning on getting tomorrow. I’ve heard lots of good things about it, and I do like JRPGs.

Your streak is impressive! :star_struck:

It says something about me that the first game I play after getting a decent emulation box running is Mega Man: Battle Network. I’m not sure what it says, but it says something.

Also, for a children’s game this is actually decently hard. Lots of random encounters can just one-shot you which is not really great. Luckily, it’s easy to save and easy to reload from a save. Maybe I’ll play something good after I beat this.

I forgot about this, I was either in High school if not , I was def in college at least (but I’m think it was when I was in high school) since it was easy to surf the net at my high school computer’s (gave me something to do, like when my Gr. 9 teacher, or was it my Grade 12 teacher were showing a certain Former’s presidents reality show hence my more interesting interest in Urban Legends).

Well anyway I came across a PC game called “Democracy” and basically it’s a game, where you RP as a Prime Minster of president of a country. You have to try to pass policies, laws and deal with situations (homeless, crime) at the same time, appease “the people” weather they’re religious, conservatives, Liberal, or other. As well as trying to balance the budget. I downloaded a demo on the computer to play for a bit (I don’t know what I was waiting for), and it was quite interesting.

Apparently in Jan 2022 there’s a new version of the game called Democracy 4. Apperently the original edition only allowed you to play in at least Canada, U.S., Germany, Spain, and Italy/UK but now you can also play in both Japan and South Korea’s Presidents. And with a DLC you can also play: Greece, the Republic of Ireland, Switzerland, Poland, Turkey and Brazil.

I think anyone whom wants to have an idea of what its like being in Trudeau’s, Biden’s, or other Prime Minster/Presidents’ shoes should play a version of this game.

Been playing the PC remastered port of Resident Evil’s remake these past few days. I’m surprised at how effectively I’ve been blowing zombie heads off with the Shotgun and Assault Shotgun (not a guarantee in this version), especially since I usually fail to do it more often than not. Yes, I’m playing on easy, but REmake is one of those games where dying on Easy is surprisingly easy–at the point of the game I’m at, the average enemy takes off half of my character’s health in one hit and the one-hit-kill-wonders that are Hunters are pretty much everywhere.

As a result, I’ve only dealt with one crimson head in the entire game (well, two if you count the boss one). Just judicious use of the shotguns, flame grenades and the kerosene + lighter combo.

I’m replaying Royal Romance (for reasons) and in Royal Heir book 3, there’s twice you get to play as the daughter of your woman MC, and their LI (four options King/Maxwell/Drake/Hannah).

In the first one from the Daughter’s POV if the woman’s MC LI is the King- Maxwell is “Haha Man” Hannah is “Flower Lady” and Drake is “Horsey Uncle”

I’m playing another Visual Novel in the same visual novel- called “Laws of attraction” it’s for research purposes but this first cases smells a lot like a certain movie’s case - Erin something? because of “chemicals in the water bit” (and I only know about that due to youtube videos

Erin Brockovich, the movie starring Julia Roberts is based on the real story of


Started with The Last of Us again, because I never finished it back then. It’s still awesome. Playing on easy, though, I’d rather just enjoy the story :slight_smile:


Sometimes that’s the best way to experience a game.


Playing on easy, though, I’d rather just enjoy the story :slight_smile:

Sometimes that’s the best way to experience a game.

This is one of the many (many many) things that Supergiant got oh-so-right with Hades: a more forgiving game mode that isn’t dressed up in any sort of pretense or shame.

“Here’s a more accessible way to experience our story, and we’re making it work within the story, with in-game mechanics that sort of mesh with the lore even without having to squint at them a little sideways.”

I haven’t toggled the setting, but my wife makes extensive use of it. We’re both getting an experience that we love.


Absolutely - adjusting game mechanics even a little bit can make things flow just as well - or better, and give a more widely accessible experience. Plus, that can make the game more replayable.

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