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@Sillsallad made it to chapter 10 and immediately ran out of lives and credits so I have to wait and it’s killing me. I am fully addicted to this game

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It’s kind of creepy that one of the secret agents a “Choices” game (Foreign Affairs) has the (last) name of a certain Rock and Roll King and which is also a certain Moi’s last name?

Just downloaded a bunch of CC hair since I can’t figure out which hairstyle is in my pic (I only have a picture from the back)

I know I wouldn’t finish my SimLit anytime soon, but I can’t decide which of the three games, to try first once I am done? CKIII, Planet Coaster, or Planet Zoo?

Is anyone else here playing The Elder Scrolls online?

I used to play years ago, thinking about starting up again. Is it worth the 13€/month?

Edit: Oooh, the monthly subscription is not required. Come play with me, people!

I am currently playing two games:

Oxygen Not Included. This is a game by the makers of Don’t Starve, if you’ve heard of that. It’s a survival game where you are in a mostly self-contained environment, an asteroid, and have to manage a ton of resources in order to keep your colony of duplicants (basically, space gnomes) alive. This is a game where you have to learn the mechanics of the game in order to survive; a great deal of the fanbase is about teaching new players and sharing blueprints for complex structures. Dwarf Fortress Lite, basically - not as many resources to manage, you don’t get screwed over as much by random chance, and you can prevent or break out of most death spirals. But generally, it’s a game about systems and about setting things up to be efficient, sustainable, and/or just plain cool. You can definitely set things up so that the asteroid is a utopia for your duplicants. The challenge is in getting there.

Creeper World. This is an RTS tower defense game where the enemy, the Creeper, is an evil ocean that destroys everything it touches and has destroyed countless civilizations. You go from planet to planet, fleeing the emitters that create the creeper and the remnants of ancient weapons that the Creeper has turned against you. There’s also a companion game, Particle Fleet, in which you fight against space blobs that are drawn to technology and can form complex structures. The physics of the enemies makes these games very interesting and fun to play. Even the original game, which doesn’t have many of the features of the later games, is still fun after playing the others. I’m currently replaying the series and back up to 3, though I’m getting sidetracked by a ton of custom content maps.


Still don’t know which game to try once I get done with My SimLit I can’t do my SimLit because of a heatwave

IT’s either one of the two Planet X series or CKIII

I really enjoyed Don’t Starve (But I sucked at it)
Might give Oxygen Not Included a try!


Currently doimg my umpteen-thousamdth run through of Resident Evil 4. Thanks to the HD Project making it playable with keyboard and mouse, I’m enjoying my unlocked Hamdcannon (NOT an easy unlock!) If anyone has the Ultimate HD Edition on PC, the HD Project mod is worth it.

I’ve been playing Stellaris. It’s like Civilization, but in space. Or like Spore’s “space” stage, but as a full game.

According to GoG, I’ve played it for 812 hours, although I’ve never actually finished a game.


Wow. According to Steam, I’ve logged 512 hours in Resident Evil 4.

But that’s just on Steam. I probably logged in at least that back in the day on the Game Cube as well.

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I don’t know if I should make a new thread or not but its about a Planet Coaster. I haven’t played the game yet but it’s one of four-five other games on my list to play at some point.

What I don’t get is for a potentially “Planet Coaster 2” that people want rides to have occasionally accidents or people being stupid in various ways?

But then I can’t talk because with the GameriasI kind of wanted allgeries to be a thing

Can’t say with that franchise, but the old Jurassic Park III Game Boy Advance tie in game Jurassic Park Park Builder had the potential for dinosaurs to escape and wreak havoc if you didn’t keep an eye on fence security. Since this resulted in guests dying more often than not, it would cause attendance to go into a nosedive. It may have been poor implementation (the game was extremely unforgiving and in some ways luck based), but this was easily one of the more annoying features–a single compy on the loose could destroy your game in minutes.

Personally, I hate features like that.

Then again, I haven’t played many park sim games, so it may just be me. I’m a fan of more strategic games, especially ones that put you in Morton’s Fork-type situations (ie Resident Evil–do I use that herb and potentially screw myself over later, or save it and risk that next zombie killing me?)

to me fair the only games I have played up until recently are Nancy Drew Mysteries and the Sims series. Because of Paralives I have been scrolling through Steam and looking at games which might interested me. And some of them have caught my eye.

Boy, that Last of Us remake is looking like a mixed bag. Some of the textures are worse (the carpet in that one still shot), and although most of the models and textures are definitely more photorealistic, they don’t really look better. And that recent giraffe pic… the devs know real life has shadows, right?

Hogwarts Legacy game is in UK Pegi 16. I’m in North America and I only know of three video game ratings for NA games: E, T and M. I’m assuming that Pegi 16 in UK would be something like T (13+) in North America?

Pan-European Game Information. It’s found in all of Europe (plus Israel).

Though you’d think it would be 18, given that there’s a great deal of anti-Semitism baked into the plot.

Hogwarts Legacy has anti-Semitism baked into the plot but there’s no Jewish people involved in the plot? It’s goblins whom run the bank in Wizarding World.

I think for North American rating it would be Teen like for Sims 4 even though it’s RPG and not a life-sim. Since because of the MC being able to cast Dark Spells it doesn’t suit a E and it’s not dark enough for M

The plot of the game is that a bunch of hook-nosed bankers (who, in the films, have Stars of David on the floor of Gringotts) are rebelling in order to gain equal rights, and in the process are apparently stealing children to do so. So you and your loyal slave get to stop them. The fact that they’re non-human arguably makes it worse.

(lower left, middle of the circle)

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