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I played those too!


For some reason Grim Dawn was on my ignore list, but I think it looks good!

Before my ship life I had a proper PC and I loved, loved, loved playing The Elder Scrolls Online.

I’m hoping my dad will visit in July, he’d bring my PC :slight_smile:


My favorite Final Fantasy is FF9. I have also briefly played 14 and have almost managed to beat 3 (stupid end boss).

My boyfriend and two of our friends play Gloomhaven on an online server.

my First Nancy Drew game was Final Scene ( I do have to give credit to my sister through, she’s the one whom kind of introduced me to ND games even though she didn’t play it herself-so I have no idea how she knew about them but at the time the library had PC games)

Mine was the egypt one

Forgot a game I played. Filpino Studios Gamerias- its because of them that I downloaded the Bluestacks Emulator to play the newer games (Mochiaria and Cluckeria) because of Flash Ending Jan of last year

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I just finished a mobile game called Duskwood, it’s a crime/mystery game where you are contacted by a group of friends, who are looking for a missing girl. It is a “phone environment”, you play using a messenger app, video calls (you see videos of them, you’re not actually in it :wink: ) and in in-game forum.

The game is intriguing and it feels like you get to know the characters. Since the game wasn’t finished when I started, I’ve been waiting for the devs to complete the new chapters. The waiting made the game even more exciting, because of all the wild conspiracy theories circulating online. I’m sad that it’s over now!

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This looks right up my alley. Gonna have to check it out, but mysteries are my jam

Let me know if you like it :slight_smile:

The free version is completely playable and fun, I chose to invest 1,99€ for the premium version to support the devs though, it will give you some more small talk options and will let you explore the town more. It was worth it in my eyes :slight_smile:

Anybody picking up the Quarry?

forgot a series of games. Criminal cases series. I hadn’t been able to play them in awhile. But I had already finished two Seasons first season which is just called Criminal Case and the other season called " Criminal Case-Pacific Bay" I had gotten to North America in a 3rd Season (World Edition) and I’m not sure where I was in a first “in the past” game.

Just played through episode one. Very much enjoying it, especially as I am stuck in bed with a fever so the whole interactive story thing is about all I have energy for.

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Yes! I’ve finally managed to complete Age of Empires 3 Definitive Edition’s Knights of the Mediterranean challenge, a series of 31 challenges, each requiring the player to do some specific task in a skirmish game and providing cosmetic rewards, the last of which is the Roman Centurion skin for the Italian Explorer (kind of a hero unit in the game).


Yeah once I’m done with my current SimLit I wouldn’t be able to decide to play CK III or Planet Coaster/Planet Zoo

I read that there’s apparently CK board game as well

I have re-picked up my nuzlocke of Pokémon Ultra Moon. The basic premise is that all pokémon must be nicknamed and that fainting equals death. Would anybody like to suggest some nicknames?

For nicknames I would be very grateful if people could make their suggestions clear if they’re for a particular gender/genderless/pokémon type/etc.

For example my Murkrow is called Bellatrix (both Female and a Dark type).

Update: Up to episode 9 and I think I know who actually did it if I identified my clues right, though I may be wrong because they were my suspect since the beginning so possibly confirmation bias is distracting me. Probably not going to play more today though because I played a bunch and it’s honestly surprisingly scary.

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Wow, you’re fast! It took me so long to complete due to waiting for new chapters :slight_smile:

So, who do you think it is?

Do not under any circumstances tell me if I’m right or wrong: I think it was Richy for a couple of reasons that mostly come down to gut instinct. Something was up with the conversation about the phone call between him and Hannah , and it’s the only clue that hasn’t really been addressed/answered at this point at all. That’s the big thing, everything else is just little doubts that I can’t quite codify into words.

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(That like means “okay I read your post and I like reading people’s therioes”, nothing else)

Are you playing the free version?

No I bought the full version

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