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Oh my god, I love it so much.

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Steam sale! I had my eye on a bundle of games and it was half off! Good thing, too; it cost $100 even with the bundle discount.


But you don’t have to dismember it, do you? :grin: I see she already comes partially dismembered, anyway… can the loose parts be reattached?

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In this loading screen of Medieval Dynasty…

I like the implication that trees are aggressive, fast-moving hostiles :grinning:.


Everyone look out, the Ents are p*ssed!


They are since the falling tree damage was added :smiley:


Tell me about it… I’m not even sure anymore if Racimir got killed by more boars or trees.
Still, on the tree’s part, that’s just self-defence, so I wouldn’t call them hostiles for it :stuck_out_tongue:


I am becoming a roguelike fiend again. Risk of Rain 2, how I love you…

Resident Evil 4 Remake reviews are out, and they look good. That said, a lot of these reviews are almost certainly bought by Capcom, so I will continue to wait until after release to buy this game.

There is one particularly hilarious review though that criticizes RE4 Remake while praising the nigh-universally reviled Resident Evil 3 Remake. And a lot of people are upset that the villagers no longer have cartoonishly Mexican accents… in a game set in Spain.


They can be. There’s velcro tape there.

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I used to make a little game of trying to catch the logs “volley” straight from the air. Imagine my surprised pikatchu face after the falling tree damage was added :sweat_smile:


I been trying to play CKII since last Sunday. I can’t get past 11th century (1000s). I’m starting in the 900s. And I’m starting in Ireland. I know I need to change the Gavelkind law… to electorate so that if I have more then one title- it doesn’t get slipt up among my children.

so apperently the PC Freezeria Deluxe is going to be released at the end of the momth!

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Oh, yay! How fun!

So Life By You game will be very modable- you can even move your pixel’s workplace next to the pixel’s home! And we can create (and share) our own dialogue creations. And can change anything into a :toilet: Its entirely open-world. and we can even “go into” workplaces with our pixels.

The only 2 things are missing/weren’t mentioned on the Life By You annoucment:


John Wyndham has entered the chat



Day of the Triffids, nice!


I played that with my sister. The gameplay was lots of fun, (especially the clockwork level, I love clockwork levels) but I wasn’t fond of the protagonists.

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Hyportheical question here which relates to gaming. If a (deluxe) gameria is coming to PC should mobile phone users be able to have an upgraded Freezier on their mobile phones to have the same game despite PC players not having a Gameria in a while?