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Just the menu art makes me so fricking happy! THEY IN MY PARTY! YAY! (Cold Steel IV spoilers)

Beat Hazard 3 has been released into Early Access a few days ago. (WARNING: The game is heavy on strobing, so readers with danger of epileptic reactions should stay well away.)
This series builds on a rather unique concept – it is an Asteroids-like game where you have a spaceship and you have to shoot asteroids and enemy ships to smithereens while making sure not to collide with anything as your ship has no armor whatsoever, so one hit means losing one life. The unique thing about it is that it uses music to generate the levels, either from your own music collection or from streaming from just about any music source.


€16, not sure in other currencies, but I suppose similar in GBP.

Cheers. I love asteroids but probably not for £16…

I know I asked this question before but how reiliable are Steam Cards? I found Steam card at (Store) and Dad asked me how reillable they’re because of the fact there been scams of resturant cards which turned out to be counterfeit despite being at a good store like (Canadian Drug store)

or as Mom told me later that the codes had already been stolen from the cards despite the card not having been sold/used yet.