Fur, fangs, feathers and scales

I took Wicket to get his rabies shot and get micro chipped, he meowed the whole way there grumpily. Then laid curled up in the carrier in the hall while waiting in line, even when the barking dogs made it noisy.

He had to go back without me, and they said they were kinda worried because he weighs 16 pounds, but he just laid there and let them micro chip him and give him his rabies shot. He did meow a little on the way home, and came out of the carrier, looked around, and then rubbed his head on it. I thought for sure he wouldn’t go near it again.

He refused to go near the hard crate that we brought him to my first apt with him again, so maybe because this new one is soft, and he came right back to his happy place?


Sammy, King of the Cat Nap. There really isn’t a position he can’t sleep in (except maybe standing up).


“Was there something?”

Poor Icarus is very long-suffering about my tendency to point a phone in his face…


Just had to share this snuggly moment with Henrietta.


Didn’t get in bed til after midnight (I usually go to bed round 10ish) so I’m very lazy today. Sat in my chair just to sit and got a lap warmer pretty quick. It turned into a napping buddy, and I’m also vaguely falling asleep.


I have a bit of a problem.

I need the loo, but this is my current position…



Cat happiness is when the favourite couch hooman is at home


You may need to blur that last one. When I last flopped on the sofa like that SWMBO called me obscene! :innocent:


I’m sure you flopped body parts Leo had cut off :wink:


… You cut off your cat’s nipples? /s


Is that a catsectomy?


Major breakthrough with Henrietta! Though she’s not completely on my lap these are the pictures I got today! So happy!

Bonus pictures of Henrietta and Lucy ‘catting’


Decided to photograph Sammy as he slept in my mom’s wheelchair. He was mildly annoyed by it.

Avery then emerged from under the kitchen table, refusing to allow Sammy to be photographed while he wasn’t. Naturally, I started snapping pics, and he started mugging for the camera.


I just learned about the existence of automated rotary milking parlours, which my family instantly dubbed “cow carousels”. They were introduced in 2011 (Wikipedia notwithstanding), and are becoming increasingly popular with dairy farmers — and cows! After a few days, the cows learn to load and unload from the “lazy susan” affair that can hold 40 or more animals at once. A farmer hooks up the teats to the milking pump at that station, the carousel rotates slowly and while Aster is getting milked, Bessy is getting hooked up. Then, once Aster has been fully milked, the milkers detach from her automatically and get pulled away. Before you know it, Bessy is backing out the exit ramp while Zinnia is getting hooked up. Super efficient for cows and farmers, and means that both spend less time standing on hard concrete floors for milking. (Note: I am not a dairy farmer, so my terminology is almost certainly wrong.)

My husband asked what kind of music they play for the cows while they are on the carousel. I suggested an old-fashioned steam calliope tune, like I remember from merry-go-rounds when I was little. He suggested Mooozart. But definitely not Baaaaach!

A short promotional video that hits the highlights: Rotary milking parlour changed our life! (Costello Family Dairy Farm) - YouTube

Goats, too!


How about Things Can Only Get Butter, by C-Ream


Void does that!

I end up annoying him by stroking his tummy and singing at him.

Well, I say annoying, but he usually purrs louder and does rolling and trills.

The usual song is “Danger zone, danger zone, danger zone enscorscle”, although this is adapted for “Eary zone”, “Cheeky zone”, “Chinny zone”, “Heady zone”, “Backy zone”, and “Taily zone”. If it’s a non-specific area, it’s either “Kitten zone” or “Voidy zone”.

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We like to joke that while most cats can get over-stimulated from too much attention, Avery has no upper limit for it. Basically, you can’t annoy him by petting him: all attention is good, and there’s no part of him he doesn’t like getting petted. As the shelter told us, he’ll also let you know whete he wants to be petted.

He’s very much my mom’s cat though. He basically follows her everywhere, and is actually protective of her.

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Discovered a new verse today!

“Gwagle parth, gwagle parth, gwagle parth yn mwytho”

It’s the Welsh translation (more or less). My husband and I both have Welsh DNA (his Grandad was Welsh, but no idea where mine comes from), and we’re both learning the language.