Fur, fangs, feathers and scales

We all love our pets, don’t we? And we’re probably all guilty of having too many pictures of them on our phones!

Let’s share! Is there a better way to calm down and relax than looking at cute animals?

This is our goof ball Leo, our 5 month old kitten, captain and heart’s thief! At the moment he’s with me in my hammock, curled up in my lap


Here’s my little girl Mocha! She’s a (nearly) 9 y/o toy poodle. My mom decided to buy a sweater for her last year so they could match and it’s still one of my favorite pics of her :joy:
Sadly, she’s a whole three states away while I’m at school


I’ve got a Yorkie named Teddy.
He’s my first dog and as any terrier, is loud and ready to chase down whatever lizards dare intrude onto the porch. (Don’t worry, the lizards are fine, I make sure they get away. And tbh they’ve gotten a lot better at hiding right under his nose.) He sometimes has a longer coat, but we regularly trim it down so it doesn’t get tangled so much. (And Florida is hot for long fur.)

I also have a massive pleco fish that has endured our paltry aquarium skills, but I don’t have pictures of it.


Love this thread idea! Wonder if we’ll have more cats or dogs here.

Don’t have this little booger anymore but she’s always missed. :slight_smile:


I don’t have a pet of my own. But sister used to own three dogs. Now there’s only one left and a new one which as of last week is the youngest she has ever gotten at 10 weeks.

I wish I did have a pet of my own despite helping with my sister’s for various years isn’t the same thing


Suki, who we lost in February (she was almost 13).



Diva, almost 12.


Zoe, seven months.


find a picture of two deceased dogs (middle and right) and the remaining dog (left) of my sister’s.

Arson (still alive), Cider (d 2019), Smudge (d 2020)


The grey cat is about 14 -1/2. The orange dude is Samson, and his previous owners abandoned him (they also didn’t neuter him, so we’re stuck taking care of that.) The black cat is Avery. The leo is Athena. Avery is highly protective of that little gecko believe it or not, and loses his cool if the other cats go near her.


Little Leo sailing


This is one of 11 of our feather babies, but this is MY blue and gold Wendy. She is my best friend and loves to travel. She is the bestest girl. Except right now because she has all new pin feathers (after molting when new feathers come in) and they hurt and are making her cranky but she’s amazing.


Ok I’m going to post some pics of past and present pets. So we have Sammy and Noah (Noah is orange). Those are our two present pets. Then we have Kole, the dog, Dino Velvet (window kitty), and Smokey.


Our Leo enjoying the sunset


Here’s a picture of my fish, about a foot long and probably about five years old now. A hardy guy that needs a bigger tank lol
His dorsal fin and tail flares out really large like a sail, but he flattens them down when he’s chilling, so it’s harder to get a good picture of them.
(Ignore the fact the tank looks rather bare, he periodically decides he prefers the decorations to be flat or floating and knocks them all out of place)

One species of Pleco or “Algae Eater”.
(posted in honor of the pet store story that sold to a customer that had a too small and too overcrowded tank. Unfortunately Plecos are often billed as “easy” fish that “will keep your tank clean”, without mention of how they poop a lot and will grow to be massive and won’t prevent you from needing to clean up algae. He’s not a difficult fish, but does need care and special considerations, and a big tank!)


The kitty says "enough for today "


Our guy got coned! He had a large, terrifying histiocytoma on his jaw, which got removed this Monday, and now he has to wear the cone to prevent scratching.
Fortunately, he’s not that bothered by its presence. :smiley:


Aw poor boy!
Makes sniffing around difficult, too! I hope he recovers fast


This is my baby girl Tilly, who is 18 months old. She’s super cute, fully aware of this fact, and uses it to her advantage frequently!

Loves: treats, catnip, little balls, things on strings, the toilet rolls

Hates: being touched when she hasn’t requested it, not getting to go outside when it’s dark, biscuits that have been in her bowl for more than a couple of hours


I’m glad the histiocytoma was successfully removed, and I wish your guy a smooth, uncomplicated recovery!

I envy you his equanimity about the cone. Our cat Tweek lacked that, when she had to wear one; this was her facial expression when she realized she couldn’t get it off, and her irritation with it lasted the whole time she had to wear it. “There’s this THING, and it’s on my NECK, and it’s STILL THERE, and it’s STILL THERE NOW, and…”