Found out a friend on Facebook has pancreatic cancer

So I was browsing today on Facebook and I came across a post from one of my friends on Facebook that they have pancreatic cancer.

For most people this would make them feel bad and make them want to support them. Which of course was the case with me.

But for me it goes a little deeper. Because this friend on Facebook also happens to be my biological older brother. I was adopted as a baby and I found my biological siblings about 8 years ago.

I know in my head that it doesn’t mean it will happen to me. But in my heart I’m freaking out a bit. So any cute cuddly pics anyone wants to post would help.

Cat, a cat! Quick, here’s something fluffy and cute


Thank you.

Have another cat!

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(Also, pancreatic cancer is often caused by environmental things, like chronical pancreatitis and diabetes, genetics doesn’t play as big of a role in comparison to other kinds of cancer.)

Cuddles from Leo

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Hope this cuteness will make you smile

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What a cutie!

Love Leo! Thanks for that. It’s not my first rodeo with it. My uncle passed away from it but it is good to know that it’s not always genetic.

Thank you. I’m out but I’ll check it out when I’m home.

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I’m so sorry. :frowning: I know where you are; I’ve lost several friends - and my mother - to cancer in the last couple years.

I’m so sorry. Hugs. I know the chances of me getting it are slim but I’m only human.

Omg I laughed and I cried. Thanks for that lol

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Did you know cats can lie? Best thing is they still look cute doing so…

Loved it. Yes, yes they do.

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Here, have another big ball of fluff!

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Thank you who’s that cutie?

His name is Tony and is a very, very mixed-blood mutt, but his Puli heritage seems to be dominant. We’re fairly certain there was at least one Newfoundland involved somewhere in the family tree as well, though :D.

Here’s a just-snagged-for-this-topic frontal pic.

Thank you he’s adorable.