Former neighbour 2 former paramedic which let a Muslim die

We were talking at supper tonight about racism due to what was on PBS News Hour (the guy who replaced Mark Shield and whomever was the other person this week?) . After a bit, I brought up the case of two Ontario paramedics who let a Muslim die who got gunshot wound (?) when the Muslim was trying to save another person. Mom then told me a bit of a bombshell that our now former neighbour 2 is one of the two former paramedics responsible for the above story.

Wow! Have you got a link to the story?

nope I don’t at the moment but I will once I wake a bit up

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and then there’s the paramedics 1)thought it was a pellet/BB gun deside the fact it hurt, and 2)thought the muslim was “faking it” and 3)they tied him down on a stretcher 4) they took the guy to another hopstial then the closest one

That’s awful!

Yeah. And one of those two paramedics our are now-former neighbour 2’(to differenate from the first neighbour who lived in the same house). He apparently lost the house so he had to move out

I agree it’s awful and the paramedics should have known and acted better but why is it so important to refer to the victim only by his religion?

Before reading the articles, I was prepared to face a blatant unwillingness to provide the necessities due to bigotry or racism. However, all I can see is a huge, undefensible failure for unclear reasons.

This article from June 8, 2021 reports on the court’s decision and neither the religion nor the ethnicity are cited as possible motives, and none of the other articles I’ve found by myself explain this whole mess that way.

Maybe it’s a cultural difference? I just find it odd to emphasize a belief that much when it doesn’t appear to be a key point.

@Jarvis Thank you. I was thinking the same. What happened is awful, but his religion is irrelevant to the story. Mentioning it suggest bigotry, but nothing actually points to it in the text.

I started to answer that actually, but deleted it again. Didn’t feel like opening that can of worms. Glad I’m not the only one thinking this.

My mom and I think it’s clear its some kind of bigotry that caused the teen’s death. Since 1)he was literally was shot but the paramedics thought he was acting (despite witness including the teen’s own father there) and they also thought it was a pallet or a BB gun. And they literally took the teen to a hospital a lot further away then the nearest hospital and they didn’t even bother turning on the sirens or lights to clear their way. And the former paremdics tried to claim that the father “interrupted” their assessments. But the father (and other witness) said the paramedics never DID an assessment. And even firefighters who also showed up at the scene were turn away by the paramedics (but the firefighters were at least willing to help unlike the paramedics)

Because he is a Muslim… that’s also is important. Like he literally came out of evening w/ his family from the mosque when he went to the older man’s aid and got shot.