Forgotten sandwich

Last night my husband and I went to Wawa (our typical Thursday night date). I ordered a chicken cheesesteak and he got his burger and fries. He took the drinks out to the truck while I waited on the food. It was especially busy because they’re sound Hoagiefest.

Finally they call our number 390. I go up to get our food and just the burger and fries are there.

Me: I’m still waiting on a chicken cheesesteak.
Employee: I don’t see that on my screen.

I pick my ticket out of the basket where the discarded tickets go and show it to him. The manager comes over and asks me what the problem is. I explain to her very politely and she asks me what I had on my sandwich. I tell her and she makes it right there. She explains they have a lot of new employees and gives me four coupons for free donuts and asks if I want a coffee or soda on the house. I decline and thank her for the coupons.

I’m sure the manager was glad I didn’t turn into a raging lunatic. But I’ve worked retail and I know stuff happens. Now when we want something sweet we have until December 31 to use the coupons. :slight_smile: the other problem was they were out of a lot of things due to a late delivery. But again shit happens.


When you’re nice, you get more things! That’s why I’m always nice to flight attendants.


Definitely. I seriously don’t know why people have to act like they do. But then again we wouldn’t have NAR or the tons of videos online would we?


True. And I do thoroughly enjoy it.


Definitely. Hubby and I were at Disney right before the pandemic hit. We’re strictly kosher. I did my homework and found out that there was one quick-service restaurant in every park where kosher food was available BUT it was frozen and took time to rewarm and Disneyworld between December 21st and 28th is just the teeniest bit busy. So when the staff told us there would be a bit of a delay, we took it in stride. Whatever. We were on vacation. Wait times for the rides was a bit longer than we were used to (us Toronto hicks with our cute little amusement park just outside the city limits).

So we’re off to one side, happily waiting. And after about half an hour, one of the crew members came up and said, “You know, you’ve been waiting too long. I’m comping this.” I mean, totally unexpected. I don’t think we even asked at any point, “How much longer?” It was our third day and we’d pretty much accepted that this was going to be our normal. So, really nice perk that was completely unanticipated and obtained without fuss or causing a scene.


That’s amazing! Disney is a pretty great place too.

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