Forest animal game and how a Green coat saved me

Today’s “Not Walk in the park Part 2” reminded me of the a story from my own life.

This might sound like “a patting myself on the back” story.

During the winter in 2004 (or Nov 2003) I wore a big green winter coat. Another thing is at the time. Gr.8 were in two classes. One was a full Gr.8 class and the other one (including myself) was in a split Gr.8 glass with the young year being Gr.7. Both classes are invovled in the story.

Actually Story:
Both classes went to an educational forest somewhere in our region. Once we got there we’re separated into two groups. One group was the “wolves” and the other group was “deer”. I was a deer. The Deers only got I’m going to call it a booklet which we’re suppose to collect food/water with at certain points in the forest. I started off with two other “deer”. But then at some point, I can’t remember when- I started heading off on my own.

And also at some point, I started to go I want to say between the trees but still kept the pathway in sight. I was the last person to return to the main site but I was the only “deer” that survived. Apparently my green coat was camouflage with the brown of the trees.

Another note: I learned years later that in the actually Bambi novel… that “The Great Prince” taught him something similar. Does that mean in another life I might have been an actually deer /s

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Sounds like the wolves caught several deer in a roe


thinking back all of the bullies were in the “wolves” back. I might have been a bit concerned about them doing major harm to me (even though it was just a game-but these were the same people whom kept deliberately hitting me in the head with the ball during like dodgeball during gym class despite the fact I was sitting out) since there were no teachers in the forest. So it might have been the reason for me moving through the trees.

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