For those who have lost a pet

I read this today and it made me cry. It’s so beautiful. I did not write it but I had to share it.

My Dear Human,
I see that you are crying, for it is my moment to leave. Don’t cry, please. I want to explain some things to you.
You’re sad because I left, but I’m glad I met you.
How many dogs and cats and birds like me die daily without meeting someone special like you?
I know it saddens you my departure, but I had to go now.
I want to ask you not to blame yourself for anything. I heard you sobbing that you should have done something else for me. Don’t say that, you’ve done a lot for me! Without you I would have known nothing of the beauty I carry with me today.
You must know that we animals live the present intensely and we are very wise: we enjoy every little thing every day, and forget the bad past quickly.
Our lives begin when we know love, the same love you gave me, my angel without wings and two legs.
Know that even if you find an animal that is seriously injured, and that you only have a little bit of time in this world, you provide a huge service by accompanying you in your final transition.
None of us likes to be alone, except when we realize it’s time to leave.
Maybe for you it’s not so important that one of you is next to us caressing us and holding our paw, helps us go in peace.
No more crying, please. I’ll be happy. I have in memory the name you gave me, the warmth of your house that in this time became mine. I take the sound of your voice talking to me, even though I don’t always understand what you were saying to me.
I carry in my heart every caress you gave me.
Everything you did was very valuable to me and I thank you endlessly, I don’t know how to tell you, because I don’t speak your language, but surely in my eyes you could see my gratitude.
I’m just gonna ask for two favors. Wash your face and start smiling.
Remember how good we live together these moments, remember the antics I made to cheer you up.
Relive like me all the good we share in this time.
And do not say you will not adopt another animal, because you have suffered a lot from my departure. Without you I would not live the beauties I lived.
Please don’t do this! There are many like me waiting for someone like you.
Give them what you gave me, please, they need it just like I needed you.
Don’t keep the love you have to give, for fear of suffering.
Follow my advice, cherish the good you share with each of us, recognizing that you are an angel to us animals, and that without people like you our life would be harder than sometimes it is.
Follow your noble task, now it’s up to me to be your angel.
I will accompany you in your path and help you help others like me.
I will talk to other animals who are here with me, I will tell you everything you have done for me and I will point and say proudly: “that’s my family.”
Tonight, when you look at the sky and see a blinking star I want you to know that it’s me flashing an eye; warning you that I arrived well and telling you “thank you for the love you gave me”.
I say goodbye now not saying “goodbye”, but “see you later.”
There is a special sky for people like you, the sky where we go and life reward us by making us meet there.
I’ll be waiting for you!”


Who is cutting onions around here? :sleepy:


IKR? I just thought it was so beautiful and had to share it.

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Man, this hit hard. I just lost one of my birds I rescued three years ago on the 10th and it still hurts knowing he’s gone.

Thank you for this.


You’re welcome. I’m so sorry about your feathered friend. We lost Noah (my mils cat) on October 12. They’re our kids of another species and boo to anyone who says they are not.

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They really are. My family runs a rescue and rehab for exotic animals (no not like tiger king plz stop with those comments I swear) and we take in all different types of animals, and it’s always hard to see ones you’ve rescued and loved pass unexpectantly.
I kind of had a feeling it was Zephyr’s time; he was sick from the moment I found him outside and he had parasites that would return constantly. In the end he flipped over and that was it; his roommate was very sad about it and would call out to him though the week.

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Hugs. I’m so sorry. What kind of bird was he? Love the name btw.

He was budgie who had Little Bird Syndrome and thought he was a lot bigger than he was. Loved a Lovebird, was super social and didn’t like any human other than myself. He had a lot of personality for such a little guy; I’ll miss him.

And he was named after the RHCP song that was playing when I found him lol


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