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My day-program is planning to be back in-person in March. I’m been looking at various food locations online near the place. Even if a couple of locations are 18min walk from the place (McDonald’s, Five Guys). One location-I think in this area is a food truck. I never ordered from a food truck so I have some questions

I never ordered from a food truck so I have a couple of questions:

1.When do food trucks open? Like would they be open around 11am?
2.Are they open year round or it depends?
3.How does a food truck “work”? Do you just order item like a taco if they have them?
4. They only take cash right?
5. Do food trucks offer bags for people if they want to eat the food elsewhere?

Turns out I mistread it.

The answer to all of your questions is really “It depends on the food truck” but in general:

  1. Most of the food trucks I have run across open at 10 or 11 am.
  2. Some are open year round and some are not.
  3. Every food truck I’ve ever seen has a menu board and you just order off the menu.
  4. Some take cash only, some take cards.
  5. I haven’t see any with bags, but I have seen foam or plastic clamshell containers.

If they have a website or a Facebook page, they might have that info there.


turns out they do have a facebook page. And They apperently have a clamshell container.

It just I never ordered from a food truck before. So I’m not sure what to expect from one. But I don’t know when I will be ordering from them in the first place.

Between the following

Buger King
Tim Hortons
Five Guys

being father up on my list then a food turck

I will say this. One of the best grilled cheeses I have ever had was from a food truck. Think food truck like a small, local restaurant that can go anywhere where there are roads.

I know people who would rather order from a food truck than a fast food restaurant, since they have to earn their keep. Mind you, I also think looking at the outside of the vehicle and seeing how well taken care of is a good thing, I dunno the food safety people where you are, but I know my local peeps make everyone handling food take a food safety course.

I’d say check it out, see what they have, you don’t have to order first time you see it. Ask questions, if they are a good business human, they’ll happily answer them.


Once I get to the food truck -don’t know how fast I will get to the food truck with BK, Tim Horton’s, McDonald’s, Five guys, being higher on my list with maybe the possbility of me trying Jollibee’s as well. Since 1 meal from each of the locations 1 day of each week from March -June. don’t know how fast I get there and it also will depend on if there’s snow potentially in March and April so that also might be a factor

I know some resturant people have to take Food Safety courses. Or even non-resturant people like people at my church including my Mom. From the video I can found on their FB page the food truck looks pretty clean.

I’m HoH (Hard of Hearing). So I have to ask questions in other ways aka online if that’s an option and luckly it is an option in this case because of them having a FB page and I asked a couple of questions.

They did answer my last question about food safety certifae. And they are.

I discover they serve hot dogs there as well as Tacos!

Thanks for your information!

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Food trucks vary greatly, but the vast majority will have better food than any fast food restaurant.

Food trucks will be open when it makes sense for them to be open. Some of them specialize in late night food, but most of them would be open for lunch.

Food trucks work like a regular restaurant except that they don’t have a dining room or fixed location. You order off the menu and get your food.

I haven’t seen a business that only takes cash in ten years. Square is just too easy to set up.

Some food trucks will offer bags. Some won’t. It’s not really something we can tell you over the internet.


Again, the market is too varied to answer fully. Here in the UK, the classic food van seems to be either breakfast (catering for the workers) or late night (catering for the club and pub goers). However we have had a lot of new businesses in our area and the specialised food truck (e.g. Caribbean, ice cream, Mexican, Pizza, etc.) seems to be becoming a thing. A vehicle is cheaper to maintain than a store with lower rents (for the space or even the vehicle).

Thanks for the information you guys could give me. I might order somewhere between March 1st and Fall 2023 at a food truck in the next town as one of the places I “Get food” from beside the (mostly) fast food resturants around the area on the way home from the day-program

so that the food truck takes cash and debit.

Food trucks are awesome. We have a lot of them around here (Miami has a LOT of problems, but dang it, we have some dang good food). Some of the best food I’ve ever had has been out of food trucks. In fact, mine and the bf’s favorite churrascaria (essentially Portuguese/Brazilian BBQ) that we order for HOME DELIVERY is ordered from a food truck.

Like others have said, it all depends on the food truck and its location (a food truck next to office buildings will open like 10 or 11 AM for the work/lunch crowd, while one located at a concert venue might not open until the evening). Order from the menu board, have cash just in case (though I’ve never frequented one that didn’t take credit). They will serve it in a to-go container that corresponds to the food you’ve ordered. It’s really not much different than ordering to-go from a fast food place. But it has the potential to be SO MUCH better.


Ah, we have Ms Cheezious in Miami has some amazing grilled cheese (award winning!). They got so popular that I think they’ve opened a few brick-and-mortar locations now too.

Thanks for that information. I know nothing about ordering from a “outdoor” thing (hot dog stand/food truck) before.

Had my day-program gone to see another baseball game after I think it was 2016- I might have been able to order from a hot dog stand because it would be “cheaper” then ordering in the stadium. But we never went again (pre-Pandemic) to a baseball game-it might be because of the expense or it might have been that people didn’t show up.

When I get to the food truck (there’s other places I want to get food from first before getting there) I will be very nervous because it will be my “first time” experience espcially when I will be on my own.

Ordering won’t be much different than ordering from a fast food place, so don’t worry too much about it.

Also, I’ve never had Tim Horton’s or Jollibees, but all my food truck purchases have been better than McDonald’s, Burger King and Five Guys.

Tim Hortons is simliar (somewhat) to Dunkin’ franchise in the States. It’s why Tim Hortons doesn’t do good down there and Vice versa for Dunkin’ up here in Canada.

Tim Hortons offer coffee (there’s also hot choclate and tea avaible as well) , sandwhiches, donuts, and donut noles which are known as “Timbits”. There’s also is Iced Coffee and in the summer time the ice cap can have different specials, Oreo, Choc chip, or last summer it was a “S’mores Ice Cap” There is 2 different versions of “Creamy Chill” I’m not sure if theyre offered all year round but I did like the choclate one I got some years ago on the way home from the day-program

Jollibee is a new resturant so I never tried it. Apperently its ikr a cross between KFC (Fried Chicken) and McDonald’s (Bugers) fast food but with a Filpino twist. Also werdily it also servers spagetthi.

Apperently people love it Jollibee -including some people from my church or so my Mom has said.

Over the past 2 er three? years (Fall 2020-Fall 2022). I been ordering food at McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and Tim Horton’s locations nearby my house on my own as well as couple of places which aren’t fast-food. a Greek Canadian (Canadian Greek) resturant which just recently had a name change, and a resturant which had been one thing (Sryian food) until spring of last year and then its currently is Sir Lanka food but I don’t know if its going to be able to stay because its expensive on (main street in my town)

I have a new question which doesn’t related to food trucks. Should I post it here or should I make a new thread about it?

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If it’s not about food trucks, make a new thread for a new question. It makes it more likely that people who are not interested in a food truck thread will see your new question and respond. Meanwhile, folks who want to continue talking about food trucks might keep sharing their food truck experiences and questions here.

For example, in Canada, Canadian Tire stores are favorite locations for food trucks, going back to before food trucks became hugely popular. I wish I knew why.

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That’s interesting and funny because the food truck I found in (Town A) is actually outside a Canadian Tire building. As the picture shows up above somewhere. I happened to be looking at Jolibee’s when I found it on the Google Maps

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If it’s tangentially related to the topic (e.g. fast food in general) I don’t mind trying to answer here.

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Pre-pandemic some more Cultural food trucks tried to make a mark in Toronto but Toronto gave them so much red tape, they basically gave up. In the morning I might try to found the articles

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