First time trying recipes/foods

Just here to brag… Just a smidge.

Today is the first time I’ve ever eaten pumpernickel. It’s also my first time making it.

I used the recipe in Heroes’ Feast (the official DnD cookbook) for Dark Molasses Nutbread. Or, pumpernickel.

I had to make 2 adjustments. First, I had to DIY my buttermilk, as we don’t keep any in the house, as we never use up even the smallest bottle. And second, I used some sunflower seeds I had on hand, because nobody in my family likes walnuts.

Guys, this stuff is so good! Why I never tried it before, I don’t know. But it’s gonna be a regular guest in my kitchen from now on! Maybe I’ll use pecans next time…

What about you guys? Ever had that one recipe/food you kicked yourself for not trying earlier?


Rice Krispes, olives and kimchi. I didn’t like either as a kid (er for RK its marshmallows in general) but Easter of my 18th year, poof I eat a chocolate Rice Krispes square at church coffee time (I didn’t drink coffee but juice) and it was really good .


Oh so many things! Very often I experience this about basics, like bread (particularly bagels) and pretty recently apple sauce :smiley:

Edit: Oops, read too fast again. I didn’t mean things I haven’t tried, but things I haven’t tried making myself!


Congrats on your pumpernickel! Good topic, too. :slight_smile:

Some time in high school, I went with a friend’s family to a Chinese restaurant. It was a revelation to me that I could actually, y’know, go to a Chinese restaurant and get Chinese food any time I wanted — it was just something my family did only on very rare occasion, and I’d somehow had the wrong impression that it was expensive and out of reach for most occasions.

A few years ago a new and very good Indian restaurant opened in town, and my partner said nope, he didn’t like Indian food, he didn’t want to go. Eventually a friend whose turn it was to choose where we went on a dinner outing chose there, and my partner obligingly went and got a vindaloo – and wanted to go back there just a few days later. I said I was glad he found something he enjoyed, and he said, “You don’t understand; this is some of the best food I’ve ever put in my mouth.” Turned out he liked Indian food very much, but didn’t like the Indian restaurant in town when he grew up (we think they probably used a lot of fennel, which he’s not fond of).

I cook new recipes fairly often, so am usually finding new things to enjoy on that front. As for things I wish I’d tried cooking sooner, maybe risotto, mousse, and cheesecake, all of which I really like and none of which were anywhere near as hard as I’d somehow thought.


When my brother was dating his now wife we went to her parents house for Christmas Eve dinner and, being Ukrainian, they do the fish dishes for that meal. So they had lox, cream cheese and rye bread. I was like where have you been all my life. So now that is a usual thing I buy at the store.

About 7 years ago I tried salmon itself and I was in heaven.

I also discovered I love guacamole a while ago and I tried frogs legs though I didn’t really care too much for them. I didn’t hate them but I won’t be eating them again.


I figured out how to roast a gammon join. Used strawberry jam as a glaze and it was delicious.

Also taught myself (ie. watched a youtube video) on how to cut up a swede, which was good in the stew/casserole/thingy that I learnt to make a few months back.

Most recently I made my own sweet&sour chicken with a new rice, and though I added too many mushrooms I think it tasted decent enough that it’ll be good if I use less next time.


Please don’t do that.
Best regards,
a Swede



I got mine pre-chopped. Blood is so hard to wash out of the pan…


I meant this thing. It’s called a swede here. Thought I guess it doesn’t hurt to take extra care and make sure no people swedes end up in my food.


They’re generally known as rutabagas in the US. :slight_smile:


Not so much a food as a preparation? I hunt and a few years ago I started doing the butchering myself. Making my own sausages let me customize spice mixes in such and saved a good bit of money.


We make homemade sausage and it is amazing.

I tried snail (at an all inclusive resort so no worrying there), a raw oyster (ew; never again), and horse.


Indian food is delicious if it’s made right. There was an Indian restaurant in Virginia that was family owned and operated. You know it’s good when the local Indian population was always crammed in during business hours, looking for a taste of home.

The family that ran the place couldn’t have been kinder if they tried, and the food was dammed good!

My husband and I have an Indian cookbook we regularly break out and try new recipes out of. We can’t eat them all because of coconut allergies, but what we have made has always been delicious!


Oh jeez. This is reminding me what pumpernickel is, and also making me wonder why the heck I used to hear about it in kids media and yet haven’t heard the word in years!

For me, I recently made a big stew to use up some potatos (I had 3 bags), which was my first time cooking it since my mom used to make it and I never had reason to after moving out. I also got a discount on a meal kit service, so I’ll be trying a few more new things soon.


That’s a turnip here. Staple of Newfoundland food. Carrots, turnip, parsnip, cabbage. Throw in some potatoes and you’ve got all the produce for most of our recipes.

I stick to carrot and turnip, they are yummy in chicken soup. And stew. And lots of stuff.

Not a food or recipe but last night with the quesdillas I made last night. We also had chips (party mix, popcorn and tortila chips). I opened up a jar of Tostitos cheese dip that I got last Wednesday- its nice but very spicy (not surprising when it has japleno pepper in it)


Had spare ribs for the first time ever today. Didn’t like it, can’t understand the hype

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Eh I wouldnt write them off after one go. Ribs can be really good when done really well but can also be pretty meh when not done well.


My fiancé devoured them and said that they were good. I’m not a big meat eater though, so that’s probably the major issue

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I’ve got a nice leg of lamb for tomorrow, and I’d love to try and get it so it’s cooked but slightly pink in the middle.

Any tips?

Also, i was thinking of making up a rub of a little salt, dried rosemary and olive oil and rubbing it all over before roasting. Does that sound okay?

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