First experiences in trying a different drink?

I’m wondering what everyone’s first (or earliest memory) of trying to drink something different then your normally would. Could be pop/soda/coke - but could be something else entirely. I’m going to have three of my own

First thing
When growing up my Dad would try to give me alcohol a couple of times (don’t remember how old I was). I think the one time he mixed it with some kind of juice or something. But both times I just spit it out since it was gross

2nd thing-

The other year ( winter of 2018?) my day-program had a woman come in and do some baking. One day we made something (I forget what) but it required Soda cream? Cream soda? And i never had it before… but I finished the bottle of what we didn’t use it was a bit “blah” for me. Which is a bit ashamed because if I want to make the famous Harry Potter drink -non-alcoholic versions call for soda cream.

3rd thing
Today I was at the mall again with some friends of mine and I had Taco Bell again. I decided to get some unusual stuff from the Taco Bell- Doritos Taco and Mountain Dew (I also decided to get Fries supreme which I had in May and Cimianon twists)-well anyway when I tried the Mountain Dew… it was very weird tasting and I still can’t get it out of my mouth. I literally had to go to the dollar store in the mall and buy a Pepsi to try to get the taste out of my mouth.

Today I was at the mall for the first time since mid-Dec with my Mom (whom hasn’t been to the mall since Nov) and part of the deal was we got food to go for supper (aka “fend for yourself” supper) and since because I don’t like the taste of booze for some reason- I experiment with pop- I couldn’t get the pop (Dr.Pepper) I wanted from the fast-food Kisos so instead I brought it from a dollar store instead in the mall and like I discovered in Nov with Mountain Dew drink that both are “eww” when I did get around to trying it w/ my supper.

I learned from the Mountain Dew experience that I need to have a back-up drink to wash it out if it’s “eww” to me.

So there’s one type of pop drink left for me to try out and that’s Rootbeer specifically A&W Rootbeer.

It’s worth trying different root beers; some are much better than others. I like A&W’s. My daughter likes the root beer made by a local brewery; they started making pop a few years ago, in addition to beer.

There is a second local brewery / distillery that also makes pop, but all their flavours are surprisingly bad. I guess somebody must like their products though, they’ve been doing it for 3 or 4 years.

A&W cream soda is tasty; I used to see it in the grocery store, haven’t noticed it lately.


I tried Cream soda a couple of years ago in a baking thing at (Day-program). I can’t remember what we made but I drank the tiny bit left of it they saved for me. I do remember the lady in charge making a big mistake another time we baked and the story’s over in the “Share You Stories” section on here. ah here’s the story:

And I’m a bit disappointed I don’t like cream soda because to make non-alcoholic HP Butterbeer you need Cream soda and I don’t want to buy like a pack of them if I’m not using to use them?

@Celoptra No cream soda in this recipe.

A few weeks ago I had my first bubble tea. It was delicious.

I thought Soda water is the same thing as cream soda? But I might be wrong

Cream soda is soda water flavoured with vanilla

But you can buy soda water cheaply (and usually as a single unit). You can also use a vanilla syrup more to your tastes.

not a drink. but one of the last times I was at the grocery store solo I wandered around and I found myself in the Candy aisle and I decided to get Malteaser so It’s one of the two choclates for my ice cream sundae (or should I say Fridae) tonight… and Malteasers are good.

Anyone remember the NAR story (or NARE story?) where Maltesers feature? Hint: a certian Spielburg dino movie also features in the story