Fellow tourist on side excursion complaining about no fried rice at noodle resturuant

I just remembered this incident from when I went to China with my parents in 2017. It was a coach tour and most of the experience was good (there were some werid incidents, like us ending up in a now famous Chinese city because of “Viral Yuck”,

When you booked with the company, there’s a booklet that had the name of the provinces/cities are. Most of them also had “Extra” stuff one could pay for. (Like in one city, you could pay to go visit the pandas at the zoo-we didn’t do). Now one “extra” thing was a rickshaw ride* to a noodle-place for lunch. *The Rickshaw ride, occasionally made me think of the Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride which was at Walt Disney World back when I went in 1997.

Actually story:
The parents and I were enjoying the noodle dishes we’re given for lunch. While we are eatting, one of the other tourists on the trip starting complaining very loudly that there was no fried rice and demanding some. Despite our tour guide (I can’t remember if it was the local city guide, or the overall tour guide) and the relative (niece) of the owner of the restaurant telling this tourist that they don’t eat rice there

My parents and I were just like did he not read, the information stuff about the extras it was right there in the print. And that’s was after, much earlier on in the trip someone told Mom and I that she didn’t eat Chinese food and she only came because someone asked her too.

Anything else I need to add here?