Favourite Christmas Parodies

As Christmas is drawing closer, the parodies and funnies start to emerge: songs, sketches, etc.

Have you seen any you’d like to share? Could by from this week; could be from decades ago. Could be mainstream TV classic, could be from an obscure channel on YouTube.

Post your links below… no limit to your suggestions!

And if we get enough, I might even turn it into a poll to see which is everyone’s favourite.

To start things off, here’s one from last year.

My favourite clip that says…

Well, you should hopefully know that Sir Humphrey never said 2 words when he could say 200, so…

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For many years, The Morecambe and Wise Show provided top quality entertainment, and their Christmas Shows were no exception. Famous stars of the day would clamour to appear on these annual shows, no matter how reluctant they seemed to be in their sketch.

Their Christmas special in 1971 had big names like Glenda Jackson, Shirley Bassey, and renowned conductor and pianist André Previn. It’s his clip I’d like to submit for your enjoyment here:

Fun fact: despite their haphazard and often ad-libbed performances, Eric and Ernie would rehearse their sketches for a full week with their guests. Unfortunately, Previn was not available at all, and I understand his filmed performance in front of the audience was actually his very first one.

Eric wasn’t too happy about performing like that, but they went ahead anyway, and produced a sketch that consistently gets the top spot in Best Comedy Sketch. If you look carefully, you can see the moment when Eric realises that Previn has impeccable comic timing and the sketch will be fine. It’s when Previn asks if he can get his baton.

Love it!

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