Favorite things

How about a thread for our favorite things? Some things just make you smile. They don’t even have to be very expensive, or very new. It might be a gift you received that reminds you of the giver, or an item that just does its job very well. Post it here (with a photo if practical) and explain why that thing makes your day a teeny bit better.

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I thought of this thread because I just opened a new package of these.

They are 2-cup containers that I use all the time for leftovers, for food prep, and for freezing stuff. I love the fact that they stack when empty - but don’t jam. They have a one-cup mark on the side so that I can use them to help measure portions. If I put them in the freezer, the lid never gets frozen on — I can always open it. It’s a twist lid, so there are no worries about whether the thing is sealed properly or not. I know I sound silly rhapsodizing over a piece of plastic, but I used so many other things that did not do a very good job, before I stumbled on these.


I have a stuffed bear which was hand-made by my older sister who was 8 at the time for my first birthday. It was 5/6 years before Build a Bear was every a thing. It’s blue with at least one stripe which I think is white. On it’s neck is some ribbon. It used to have sound coming out it when you pressed a paw. I don’t remember the other song-but the one of the 2 songs that it played was “Row Row your boat”. But the sound thing is now dead and unfortunely there’s no way of replacing it.


One song that will always always make me happy (and I sing along badly to) is “When I come around” by Green Day.

Also, tiny humans discovering things (my niece and “nephews”) and my Sunday school kids telling me about the teeth they have lost (5-7 year olds).