Favorite story of your own

Whats everyone’s favorite story you posted that got added to the site? I’ve had a few published but my favorite is Slow And Steady Avoids The Wasps

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I remember that… a lovely example of why warnings are no good if you don’t provide full information. That was a good story!

I’m out at the moment, but when I get back I’ll post my favourite of mine.

Whilst my favourite from a story telling point of view is my tale of woe, misery and sharp pointy bits of paperclips in my backside, my favourite in terms of the unexpected response was this one:

A bit of backstory here: I seem to have picked up a reputation for telling puns. Why me in particular, when there are many fine punsters who frequent this site and had been posting their bon mot long before I joined is beyond me. In any case, whenever there was a story that involved someone telling a pun, invariably there would be a comment asking if it was me. And I always said no. The reason being is I’m not a fan of the “look how witty I am” stories, and for me to submit a story about me telling a pun would be somewhat hypocritical.

But other pun stories kept being published, the questions about if it was me kept on getting asked, and my response of “no, sorry” got ridiculously overused. In the end I decided that I would submit a story about one of my puns, the next time anything story-worthy happened. I thought it might be nice to finally answer “yes” to that ubiquitous question.

A couple of days later, I submitted that story. And a few months later, whilst I was enjoying my breakfast cereal and morning cuppa, I saw the story had been posted whilst I was asleep. I scrolled down to the comments section, to see if I could find anyone who had asked the question…

…only to discover that pretty much EVERYONE was asking it! Along with variations of “why hasn’t he made a comment?”, “What time is it in England?” and so on. It was AMAZING!

I did say at the time that this would be my only pun story, but I got persuaded to post others. I have three that I’ve submitted but haven’t been published yet. These are hopefully different enough from my other pun stories to be worthy of NAR. I try not to do every punny exchange I have as (a) that would get boring really quick, and (b) if I wrote up every pun tale, I’d never have time for anything else!


Is this a thread where we tell of a story we posted? Or, is this a thread where we indicate our favorite story or stories that we have read (but did not author).


You’re the OP of one of the best NAR stories ever? Brilliant!

On this trip, I was suffering from headaches that made my friend typing in the next room over unbearably loud, so when we were subjected to the bells for over three hours, this ensued.

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I’m confused. Is this a thread where we tell of a story we posted? Or, is this a thread where we indicate our favorite story or stories that we have read (but did not author). I am only a reader, not the author, of “That is ‘Pretty’ Awesome”.

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The topic is “Favourite story of your own”, and the opening line in the introductory message is:

…which is why I thought you were the OP. No worries though; cleared up now.

I think there is a thread for favourite NAR stories and a thread for stories that make you cry. I wouldn’t be surprised if this story is mentioned in both as it is that well loved and full of onion ninjas!

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Stephen kindly reminded me of this opening line:
“Whats everyone’s favorite story you posted that got added to the site?”
I was speed-reading, rather speed-glancing, and missed it.
Now, I am caught up. :slight_smile:

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It’s a toss up between a few, but:

I honestly couldn’t pick between them, so have at it. I was going to put the one with my former teacher but it still brings a bad taste to my mouth thinking about him.
I also have been debating posting another story; this time about the last time I saw my moms mother but… I’m not sure yet.


This has to be one of my all time favs too. It’s just so sweet


This is (so far) the only one of mine to be published, so kind of favorite by default. Still waiting on a few more.

I think my favorite story of my own was either the one where we found my dad’s sunglasses under the seat or the one with the spider saving our lives on the road.

I think these are my top two stories:

My mom is still salty about that essay when it gets brought up haha

For the record, both of my parents have apologized about this incident several times now :sweat_smile:

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This is I think my only submitted story but I still find it funny!

Very nice!

Comment section looked sadly flat, so I posted a pun to show support…

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I think this one is my favorite that I posted. I posted a few similar ones, but this was the best-received.