Expectations v reality

Here’s your chance to talk about where you prepared for one thing, but the reality was SOOOOO different! You can also use it for those times when you were disappointed by a film or show, despite the hype.

Or anything, really.

I’ll start off with Covid prep. I have lots of food in the house that i can use to make meals and it would easily last a week

What i hadn’t counted on was me feeling so tired! A neighbour kindly did some shopping for me, and stocked me up on loads of simple foods, like pot noodles, tins of fish, bread and the like. All simple preps!


Gods yes, covid wiped me out. I’m still more tired than I used to be after I caught it in January. It’s not ridiculous or anything now, but for like the first time in my life I need a regular 8 hours after spending most of my life sleeping like 6 and a half.

To answer the actual question, the one that springs to mind is Rogue One. People talk about how it’s the best of the new Star Wars movies, and it’s not, it’s bleak and off tone for the universe and the way it uses the Death Star is bad and the only character that there is any reason to care about is the wisecracking robot. Solo, which everyone else in the fandom seems to dislike is a better Star Wars movie that Rogue One.


I already talked on my own thread about the time back in Jan 2016 I was in a Work Program for people with ASD. When I saw the flyer in 2015 I asked to speak to a facilator and the way the Facilator talked implied that “they would help us actually get jobs” but in reality they would tell us to “put up resumes online in our off-time” not exactly the idea they’re told me. And that is without the additional problem of them having no clue about Disability income and what could happen if we “picked up more shifts” like they wanted us too.


Working. I found NAR long before I started working, so I had a very skewed perception of how that was going to go. Finding myself surprised at just how not bad it has been. I was expecting lots of shouting, coworkers constantly being late and making tons of mistakes, me making tons of mistakes, lots of sexism and ableism (is that a word?) directed at me. Instead it’s been mostly really nice.


New bike. Bought it, care plan, luggage rack. Didn’t sell the mudguards so ordered them separately. Turns out that the bolt hole for the mudguards is in a stupid place and that’s why they didn’t sell them.

Also the luggage rack (apparently 25kg limit) doesn’t seem to agree with that figure. Alternatively by adding the mudguards, the luggage rack is now having problems when being used for actual luggage. I found out the hard way when a bolt popped. One of the spacers is somewhere on the route between work and home. Yay…


Vanilla-flavored Pepsi Max. Curiously, in this case, the expectation was set based on my own former experience – I tried it before and thought it was way too artificial and weird-tasting, so I gave it a wide berth afterwards. But I tried it again recently and discovered not only was it not as bad as I remembered, I actually liked it.

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A friend with a big house used to have weekend-long birthday parties there, with friends crashing in guest beds and on sofas and in sleeping bags and sometimes in tents for the duration, and everyone bringing lots of food to share. At one year’s party, I kept bumping into a friend who somehow always had food with him, usually something chocolate. We somehow wound up in a pattern of him holding up a bit of the food, me opening my mouth, and him feeding it to me. This was all fine and dandy until we bumped into each other in a dark stairwell, he offered me what looked like a small chocolate brownie with powdered sugar on top, I opened my mouth, he put it in… and it was in fact sushi. Which I ordinarily enjoy — but not when my tongue is expecting that bite to be chocolate brownie! Bleaurgh!


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