Example of my SimLit

I’m working on the 4th attempt of the Swanson Legacy Simit. the summary of it is basically It’s the story, so far, of seven generations of strong women, who, while facing challenges, including, bullying, mental illness, domestic violence, and betrayal, discover their strenghts as individuals, friends, lovers and family members *

*Due to computer issues… and this being my 4th attempt, I’m only on the 5th generation at the moment. The plotline for the current generation is one word “Jomeo” (think of a Shakespeare play) mostly with twists. I was having some difficultly in trying to make a particular scene my first attempt (well 2nd attempt) was a very bad edit (first picture) but with two sims + one other sim cut out of another picture. I then found two separate poses which I was able to combine to get what I wanted which is the 2nd picture

PS I could dig up two separate nightmares poses pics which involve a certain movie with a shower if anyone want want to see them? One is from a previous attempt at the story and the other one is from my current attempt


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Off to bed now, so probably no response for a while, as I’ve never mastered the art of sleep typing…

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Trigger warning: fake blood in the 2nd set of pictures (but you can pretend it’s chocolate sauce instead!)

Psycho scenes from my current attempt at SimLit (I do either a one Friday the 13th or a Halloween movie pose in this current attempt of my Swanson SimLit and later on I use two The Ring movie poses which is ironically when I don’t watch any horror movies )

Previous attempt:

Oh and no, black and white is not an option in the settings for playing Sims that’s editing I did afterwards as well as the fuzziness of the picture to indicate a dream

Sorry, what is it you want me to do? All you did was ping me; a question or request would have been nice :wink:

what did you think of the pyscho poses + sims?

Does remind of Psycho; nice job!

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I didn’t create the pose, it just used it for the SimLit. I have I think either a Halloween movie or Friday the 13th (I can’t tell which because I don’t have pose currently in-game) pose which I also used but like both sets above, but the picture is in black and white.