Ex-Paralives supporter downloaded a fake Paralives game from a fake webstie?!

You guys remember my rant about this particular Simmer whom has thought for over a year now that Paralives is a big, gigant, huge, Scam because “there’s no gameplay seen yet” and has been complain since May of last year and as of June of last year she removed her support. She’s wondering why they are using Pateron instead of using the more “legal” kickstarter for their company.

Even though Paralives is not live there is/was a fake site (I reported the site to the mods on the discord to rely to the other team) claiming that Paralives is a “live” game now and people were playing it. And this idoit decided to download it but hasn’t opened it yet or so she said.

But number 1 problem is she downloaded it from a fake site… and she SHOULD know if she’s been as loyal as she claimed to have been supporter before she dropped her support that Paralives wouldn’t be avaible ANYHWERE but Steam when it’s released

Sadly, all this complaining may simply make them a target for other scammers, since they don’t seem to think very clearly.

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Yeah and I don’t even know (and I don’t care) if she even saw the roadmap that was released the week before Mother’s Day.

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