Escape rooms

Has anyone ever done one? My friends and I are planning to do one when we go to Ocean City in a few weeks.

I did a Harry Potter themed one with my two best friends. We were five minutes short of getting out - the very last task!

It was fun!

Very fun group activity, an IRL point and click game.


I have done several. There was one my boyfriend and I did in 40 minutes and have an awesome picture from it.

I’ve done many! And built one for a special school activity in high school. I’m a big fan of escape rooms, they are super fun and challenging!

Ive done two and had the two ends of the spectrum.

The first one was challenging and fun and a good activity.

The second one we paid for a “90 minute room” solved it in 15 minutes and they just went “Congrats! … bye … no refunds”

Overall they can be fun but have a backup plan.

I’ve done several, I love it. It’s super fun!

My favourite was a WW1 bomb shelter themed game, we were stuck in said shelter and had to find and defuse a bomb.

What theme are you guys planing on doing ?

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Well they have two. Alien Invasion and Time Machine. Probably will do time machine though they say they’re not scary. Two of us love horror movies and would be fine with aliens but the other two are not.

I did one called Antidote. We managed it.

I’ve done dozens of escape games, managed to get out in time with all of them except one; but that game was not very well thought out.
Like you started in a dark medical office; we need to create light, there was a backlight for xrays on the wall, so everyone assumed that we could turn that on for light, it didn’t work so we went back to feeling around in the dark; until after 10 minutes we got ‘try turning on the xray light’; and suddenly it worked. It’s on a timer apparently and you can only turn it on after 5 minutes.
Yeah, I am not going to retry every switch every 5 minutes in the hope that one of them suddenly works.

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We did it with 41 seconds to spare. It was so much fun. We only had 30 minutes and there were 3 rooms. I’m the one in the blue jacket.


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