OK, done!

Oh, its always fun to have new people to be accountable to. Now, that still doesn’t mean I’m fluent… I play around with spanish, irish Gaelic, and russian.

My username is TallieFalcon same as here.


1000 days later…


I’m up to 14 days


Great job!

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Just got this achievement.


Along with Hebrew, I’m also brushing up on my Spanish. I just sent this email to a second cousin who works in a Spanish speaking country. If anyone knows Spanish let me know how I did.


Soy aprendiendo Español con Duolingo. Conozco un poco más de cuando estoy en la escuela. Me gusta mucho!

Hace mucho frío ayer y hoy, pero es invierno. No es una sorpresa. Lo admito usar traducir del Google para alguna palabras por que soy aun aprendiendo. Pero muy feliz con me progreso.

Puedo practicar con ti a veces? Te lo agradeceria mucho.

Garcías y tiene un buen día.


My Spanish is a little rusty, but I do understand what it says and I think your cousin will as well.

A few notes:

  • I think you’re supposed to use estoy rather than soy with progressive/continuous verbs (like aprendiendo). Estoy/estar = a state of existence, soy/ser = existence; estoy buena = I am feeling well, soy buena = I am a good person.

  • “estoy en la escuela” are you currently learning Spanish in school?

  • “Lo admito usar traducir del Google” This looks off. I think it would be fixed if you used Google Translate’s name: “Admito usar el Traductor de Google”.

  • aun means even, like “I’m even learning”, while aún means still, like “I’m still learning”. This might have gotten a bit mixed up since some meanings of “still” overlap with no-diacritic aun.

  • “With you” (singular) is contigo.

  • For “have a nice day”, you would say que tengas un buen día. (Tengas is informal, tenga is formal. I’m assuming this is meant to be informal, since it’s your cousin.)

There might be more, since I can’t remember all the grammar rules, but I do think you did a pretty good job overall.

I’ve decided to start learning Italian (I’m a descendant and learned a few phrases at home, but have terrible grammar) and tried Duolingo and Busuu. So far I like Busuu a lot better, their method is less repetitive and less dependent on translations!



It’s so funny. I’ve found myself automatically thinking about what I am saying and translating it in my mind how it would be said in Spanish.


That’s a great thing to do for language learning - trying to build sentences is good practice.


Not the same thing but we (Mom and I) jokingly call the remote for the celling fan/light combo in the library “uyu” (ee-u) which is the Korean word for Milk. Its because the other year I said I put the remote back in its spot but Mom thought I had said something about Milk being in the spot

How much Korean can you speak? My mom grew up speaking German, but I only learned a few words from her— including some bad ones, which embarrasses her!

I haven’t tried to actually speak it except for a few words like uyu, bachan (side dishes) and words like Abba (Dad). Oh and also Ramyeon - and I already knew the word Sagwa (which means apple in Korean) thanks to a animated TV show about a cat. I can recognize characters but not well another to read them in Koreatown in Toronto.

But I’m been doing it almost everyday since June 2020

its diffcult to have the “action word” at the end of the sentence instead for us English speakers, having it in the middle of the setences

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I’m quite proud of this text I sent to my friends, first in Spanish and then in English.

Voy a la casa de mis padres mañana y sábado. No puedo hablar mucho estos días.

I’m going to be at my parents house tomorrow and Saturday. Won’t be able to talk much those days.

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I’ve been using duolingo for about 3 years now, I am studying Italian with it. Currently on a 572 day streak.
I am also learning Italian in person in evening school, while duolingo is nice to learn the basics, nothing compares to actually studying the language in person.


It’s really helpful to chat with other people in a language you’re learning, that’s for sure.

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I was sorry when Duo dropped the Zoom conversation classes. Fortunately, the instructor leading the Welsh has moved to EventBrite and Conversly and is giving his own. Unfortunately, I’m also taking Yiddish and Hungarian and I wasn’t taking any conversation classes in those (I don’t believe Yiddish was offering when I looked and I wasn’t far enough along in Hungarian for the easiest course at a time that was convenient).


I wish I had the proper clothes for this time period to practice in. :sunglasses: