Dreams you had you swore were real

So let’s talk about dreams, or nightmare, you swore were real.

The one that sticks out in my mind is I was at an amusement park with my family when I was young. My dad and I were in one of those cars you ‘drive’ and there’s a thing down the center to keep you the road. I was driving and somehow our car jumped over the divider and we crashed.

I swore that it was real. Because of that I was scared to death to learn to drive. Finally I fessed up after I got my license at 21 or so and my mom told me it was just a dream. But it was so real!

So what about everyone else?


I had a dream twice about being in a tornado. At the end of the second dream I was woken up by a tornado


This is a good one. Its a nightmare I had twice at least as a very young child-4 maybe 5 years old And I had it once as an adult. In the first version Mom and I are walking home from the train station after a day in (City) we’re on a bridge overtop of a highway near the train. Now for some reason I turn around and know what I found? Car drives up on and literally ONTO the SIDEWALK and it’s chasing Mom and I down. In the 2nd version it’s basically the same but for some reason we’re more closer to home when the car drives up onto the sidewalk.

The only other times I thought my dreams were real. One time I dreamt I got up to do a number 2 in the morning only to find out-I actually did have to get up and do a number 2.

This is a twist-I dream it and it had actually happened:

Another time I was sick in summer and after getting up to use the washroom in the night. On my way back to bed-I somehow must have collapse and dozed off right outside my sister’s and my respective bedrooms. I was in such a deep sleep that I dreamed the pile of blankets which was piled right near and above where I had fallen back asleep-had fallen down on me. When I woke up it actually did happen

And there’s a couple o times I had dreams where I was late to something. The last time was the Thursday of March 2020.

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When I was a kid I was very obsessed with my two favorite cuddly toys, it was a pair of kittens (I’ve still got them, actually!)

One night I dreamt that I had two of each, making it 4 in total. The next say I was freaking out because two were missing and my dad tried to explain that I never had them. I can still remember that feeling of loss, hurt and confusion.


Oh yeah, I have a few, but they’re mostly lost these days. Vivid dreams are apparently a side effect of some of the meds I take… as well as a symptom of my mental illness.

Although not quite at the “swore they were real” level, there was a dream not to long ago I had that I had to testify against a mafia boss after having asked a favor of him, and ended up lying on the stand. It was so “real” that a few days later I had to double-check with my mom that it was just a dream.

As a teenager, I also had a very disturbing (and exceptionally vivid and realistic) dream of a black cat outside our apartment calling me a “devil child” in a disturbingly high pitched and “growly” voice, leading me to go outside and try to strangle it. It took WEEKS to reassure myself that it was merely a nightmare.


I once got up, got dressed drove the 35 miles to work, got on with my design drawings…

…only to then wake up for real. The rest of the morning was one deja vu episode after another, as I could have sworn I’d already done that.


Oh I definitely have had experiences where around 4pm I realize that the grumpiness I felt all day is from being mad at someone for what they did in my dream the night before. Can’t even remember what they did, but it sucks to realize you’re mad at someone for something you dreamed up! And then you try to explain the dream logic and they’re like “So you’re mad at me…because I wouldn’t stop poking you… in your dream…”


The dreams, I do remember are awfully, real. Which is really annoying when you have kidnapping/captive dreams. Last night, i dreamed of what I guess was a vertial school, and somehow, a hedgehog was in the staff room, and it bit me and didn’t let go.

I had such a bad dream last night I wished I had the dream which had John Hurt’s character from Spaceballs saying “Not Again!”

I had a dream that I adopted a little white kitten named Noah. I remember vividly which neighbour’s hedge I found her under, and taking her to the vet and finding out she didn’t have an owner, and being worried about introducing her to Betty (which went much better than it ever would reality). When I woke I looked over to where Betty and Noah would be sleeping and cried as I realised Noah never existed.

Then several months later I’m playing Sims 2 and get my sim to adopt a cat. One of the options was a little white kitten named Noah. That’s when I remembered that very same kitten was collected by the sims animal welfare people after her owner died, and that was at least several weeks before I had the dream.

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When I was very, very young I had dream that my Dad and I jumped a wall in his car and for years I was convinced it had really happened until I casually brought it up in a conversation with him and he looked at me like I was insane.

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The first night of the trip- I had a dream and Mom and I had went downstairs to breakfast and the only thing there was a bunch of candy for breakfast. I can only remember one table had candied apples.

(The irony is that all the candy in my dream, I saw in real life-nope not at breakfast, but at our only rest stop on day 2-at the “Big Apple”)

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I been having a couple of dreams but last night dream was still werid but not as werid as the dream I had 2 nights ago, or the dream I had 1 night ago.

I don’t have any baby-sitting training in real life. But in the dream even though I didn’t have any, Mom somehow arranged for me to baby-sit a couple of actually kids. And one of the nights I was suppose to do that was on New Year’s Eve.

at least it was less werid, then I somehow ended up with a huge bruise on my hand from Tuesday night->wednesday morning, OR the dream I had which ended up with blood coming from me, from Wednesday night->Thursday Morning


I have sleep apnoea, and before i was diagnosed, i would never get into the truly deep sleep where you don’t dream but you do properly rest. As a result i was always tired, and i had some of the most bizarre dreams ever. I can’t remember any of them now; i just remember they were wierd!

Anyway, when i got my CPAP machine, things improved. I now wear a mask, and air is pumped into my mouth to keep my airways open and as a result i get properly rested. The bizarre dreams have subsided.

But i do remember bits of one. For some reason this kid, probably about 5, was following me about. I have no idea who he was, but he kept on coming up to me and making a non-stop noise, very loudly:


I was getting quite upset at his tenacity, even to the point of pushing him away, but he kept coming back.


It was at about that point I woke up. The kid in the dream was still making the noise, but I was awake…?


Well, i was awake, but the noise was real. My mask had shifted, and there was a leak around the cushion of the mask, causing the edge of the mask to vibrate rapidly against my face.

Yup, somehow my mask had been turned into a very basic clarinet, but much less melodic, and it was that noise that had entered my dream!


I was in a hospital waiting room. waiting for a long, long time. It wasn’t for anything particularly worrisome, just tedious. I had my iPad with me in a bag because it was going to be a long wait. Something happened to distract me, and when I checked, not only were my credit cards gone from my wallet, but my iPad was missing— I had been targeted by pickpockets.

I was on the verge of figuring out how to inform my bank, and make an insurance claim, when I was surprised (and relieved) to wake up.

I have been binge-watching The Real Hustle

@Stephen: My husband has been using CPAP for years. I’m familiar with the hoots and honks, and the extra noise from the motor when he’s having a longer apnea. I am also so used to the white noise that it makes, that on the few times when I’m catching a snooze without him, I have to use a white noise generator because otherwise it’s too quiet!


I had two very vivid dreams last night.

In one, we were out of dog food and my dad was refusing to buy more before he goes on holiday so my and my middle sister were preparing to go to the supermarket to buy some to last until he got back and went to the pet food shop.

It was a very detailed dream with things like we had a room in our garden that had a glass door and someone had left the light on and the door open so I had to walk through the rain to see you left the door open and Busta was curled into a ball sleeping on the sofa. And the rain was so cold and the room so warm.

And I was so mad at my dad for not buying food for his dog that I decided that after I got back from the shop I’d have to come on here and rant in my complaining thread.

That dream merged into one where I was moving to somewhere (the statue of liberty was a unicorn instead of a woman but other than that it had lots of water like Venice and the buildings were all sand coloured) and one of the people I was moving with had a guinea pig so I had to go find out how to look after a guinea pig properly.

I had to walk down some very slippery steps that led down to a river as someone explained to be that that town’s culture was that the river delivers presents, not Santa or Jesus. When I got down to the riverbed, on the other side there was a monument to people who had died with poppies growing there, and next to that was my destination. It was a little book shop.

When I walked in and asked the person at the counter if I could look at their books, I was told that she was the only one here right now so she couldn’t let me into where they keep the book but I could wait until her colleague got back from gathering more books that they didn’t have space for.

So I took a nap on their waiting bench and woke up when the colleague arrived with one of those cage thingies full of books. And then I realised I could have been googling how to look after a guinea pig while I waited and regretted my nap. And this new lady went into the “back” of this book shop to put the books away.

With the second pile of books she was putting away I heard her say “ugh, we have no more room in the guinea pig section!” So I asked if I could have those books and was given three books. A beginner’s guide to looking after guinea pigs parts 1 2 & 3. But the third book had a different cover design to the first two. I started reading the first one. I don’t remember much of the contents except that I read that guinea pigs live for ten years and was shocked.

Then my dream friend came to find out where I was. Because of course I’d just wandered off without telling anybody. Then there was the surreal bit with the unicorn of liberty.

It had become nighttime. There had been construction nearby so it had been sunk under the water to avoid damaging it, so I had to help pull it back up and then some guy in a suit had to pull it’s hair out of its eyes and back into a mane shape.

Something else happened but I woke up and forgot what it was.

The riverbed part was the most vivid. The steps themselves looked crumbly and broken so I didn’t want to walk down them, so I was try to walk down the moss-covered railing instead while balancing myself on the brick wall the railing was attached to. And the water had that very babbly sound. And there were people on the streets around me while I was walking along the riverbed. And lots of flowers that were mostly a pinkish reddish colour.

Also the book shop colleague was very familiar. She had brown hair that may have once been in a plait, and her glasses were almost falling off her nose, and only half of her shirt was tucker in, and she had a blazer she hadn’t bothered to button up. She’s probably someone I saw in some show or something.

Writing all this out, I can point to a few things and remember where it came from. The poppy monument was one I saw on Monday. The guinea pigs living ten years I’d learned in the comment section of a nar story.

I also remember fragments of other dreams I had last night, but these were the most vivid.

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My city has a memorial poppy plaza next to the river!


I had this werid dream last night-or I think it was last night- I dreamed (day program) was in person again. But unlike pre-Covid, they weren’t serving lunches =I sat for some reason beside a guy from the program, oh I happened to see Thursday of last week when Mom and I had been walking to Oshawa in RLF,- So the next day at (day-program) I took an 18min walk to Mcdonald’s and order a combo of food but I didn’t get the fries or drink.

I’m not excatly sure where in the dream, but at some point in the dream- I cried to someone (I think Mom?) about not wanting the old “home school/work lunches”… of crackers and cheese or tuna/ham/turkey sandwhiches.

When I was a kid, I once had to deal with a very active huntsman spider (image attached of a very big one). Normally they sit quietly near the ceiling and only move slowly, but this one was running about on the floor and tables. I remember it scurrying over the rotary phone. My brother is extremely arachnophobic, so I had to deal with. It was very difficult to catch, and by the time I got it in a jar, I was pretty jumpy. I took it to the garden, far away from the house and released it. I am ashamed to admit, when I saw it marching across the mulch, making its determined way back to the house, I stomped it.

That night, I woke up to see a spider on my sheet, inches from my face! I jumped out of bed and ran from the room and into the hallway. After regaining my composure, I went back in the room and cautiously turned over the bedding, but I couldn’t find the spider anywhere. Then I had a suspicion. I turned off the lights, and I saw that the room was very dark. Even if there had been a spider, I couldn’t have seen it! And especially not as I remembered it, dark against bright white sheets. I realised I must have had a 1 second dream of a spider, and it frightened me so much, I was out the door before I even woke up; when I was actually awake, I was looking back into my bedroom shaking in fear.

Even with that knowledge, even lying in bed unable to see any detail smaller than my desk, I still to a long time to finally convince myself there was no spider, and go back to sleep.

(of course, there may have been a spider somewhere in my room - probably was - but that’s not the same as a big hairy huntsman 3 inches from my face)



I’m just glad to have woken up and realised I’m not allergic to Brie after all.