Don't judge me based on how I look

Disclaimer: This takes place in Canada. This takes place in a Province where you Americans would refer to as a “one-party consent State”. There is a TL;DR at the bottom so if you don’t want to read all of it, it’s there :slight_smile:

Also hi, good to be back! It’s been busy! I posted this on reddit’s ProRevenge but the mods decided it wasn’t “pro Revenge”… even though all the comments agreed that it was. I got a lock of slack from people saying it was fake becuase “This can’t happen like that!” due to how things are worded in one area. I’m going to say right now that I was not privy to the conversation, only heard second-hand what happened after the fact from someone who was there.

Let me start off by saying that my family is financially stable, and have been well-off since the days of my great grandfather. We use the money to fund our charities and put almost all the money we earn back into our business; which is a decently-sized attraction ranch that’s sort-of become a small town attraction here. We are also not white, but Native American; with my father coming from Mohawk ancestry and my mother coming from Haida ancestry. We also pay an affordable living wage to all our employees becuase we value them (And that’s how you keep good employees!) and they’re like a family to us. Because of this, our family is very well-known to the local community.

Now, for privacy reasons, I do not use my real name online. I have two names - my more traditional native name (Long, long story but think Connor from Assassins Creed 3 and how he has two names) and my more “modern” English name. I use my English name online; with my mother’s maiden name. My brother and I have a very strange and very unconventional English names; as we were named after characters from a movie about a boy, a book, a warrior, and a child empress with an impossibly annoying name. We only use these names when needed, so we both use them for online platforms.

I recently got married, and my wife and I decided it was time for us to look at houses. We decided to look at some houses in the area where we lived, and we thought it was time to speak to a financial advisor. After a few days of waiting, I was able to get in touch with a local advisor my father had dealt with over Facebook; whom I have never met but have heard a great deal about, and he told me that he was holding a Facebook Live seminar later that day about mortgaging and property ownership. I had some time, so I decided to sit in on the seminar.

To say the seminar was a joke is laughable at best. The man running it was a former athlete who had been dropped by his minor-level team due to injury; and his only saving grace was finding work for the bank - this I found out on his linked-in profile, which he had sent a link to at the beginning of the seminar while he spoke about his “credentials”. He had us sit for half an hour before he decided it was time for all of us to “participate” and had us react to things.

“Use the “Hug” react if you like this, or the “Wow” react if you don’t!”

“Use the “Sad” react if you thought this wasn’t helpful, or the “Thumbs Up” react if it was!”

Eventually, he asked a question about home ownership. Now technically, I do own a home already; as I have equal ownership of the house my brother lives in (By his insistence; though I think it was just to boost my credit score when I turned 18) and he began to give examples of houses on the market that those in the seminar would be interested in buying. At the end of each one, he would do the react one again; but this time with the “Anger!” react if you didn’t like it, or the “Laugh” react if you did. Well, I saw a house that would have been perfect for my partner and I, so I clicked on the “laugh” react.

What came next I was NOT prepared for.

Instead of continuing on with the seminar, the man running it decided he wanted to vet those who said they wanted the houses he had shown. I honestly have no idea why, but when he came to my name; I guess he clicked on my profile and saw my picture. Now, my picture isn’t the worst thing in the world; it’s just a picture of me, in a silly Halloween wig smiling. I’m a goofy person, and all my friends know it. He had judged me based on my profile picture alone (he couldn’t see my profile because we aren’t friends - yay for privacy settings!) and said the following:

“Why is there always at least one sad, poor person with a weird hair colour in these seminars? They’re for actual people who want to actually buy a house. You can go back to wherever you came from and buy a house with whatever money they use there.”

Now, what the advisor hadn’t known was that I had been recording the seminar through my computer, so I could show my wife what had been said (They were out of the house at the time, and had asked me to record it as I have recording software for creating videos for a societal club I’m a part of where I am the media manager) and go through it with them when they came home. To say I was upset by this was a slight understatement.

I was mad. Not for me, but for others this guy had probably treated this way. He had based a decision solely on the way I looked, without knowing me, my financial background, or anything else about me. How many others had he done this to?

Then, a thought came across my mind. This is a man who had dealings with my father, his friends, and their friends; all which had their investments in the bank he worked in. Now, I wasn’t a member of said bank; but I had been planning on using them when the time came for buying a house. I wanted to get back at this guy, who had treated me so poorly; and I wasn’t even a customer!

I started off by calling my parents; both of whom have sizable investments in the bank, as well as business accounts with them. I told them what had happened, and sent them the recorded video where you could clearly see my profile in the shot, and what he had said. I swear I saw my father turn as bright as a red LED light, and my mother tried to calm him down (as she usually does) but I knew it was no use. My father left to call his friends, while my mother made sure I was alright (I am).

See, my parents were one of two big accounts at the bank where this advisor worked. The other belonged to one of my dad’s long-time friends, and the father of one of my best friends. I told my parents that I just wanted to make sure that they hadn’t been treated like I had been, since my mom often dyes her hair crazy colours when we do fundraising at the ranch; and my dad has had to give himself an undercut for a few years due to needing surgery - and he has hair longer than I do!

I wouldn’t know the repercussions of this one phone call until a few days later, when my dad showed up at my current residence and told me he was taking me out for the day with his buddy. I said I’d go with them, becuase you do not say no to two giant 6’10 native dudes who handle horses day in and day out and are built like brick shithouses. I got into the truck, and we drove into town.

We arrived at the bank after a quick stop to the bucks that look like Stars, and the three of us entered. My father and his friend were immediately greeted by the greeter at said branch, and the first thing my father’s friend says is that he wants to meet with the branch manager A.S.A.P. My father says the same, and the three of us wait as she gets the manager on the phone. The bank manager - who I have met before! - greets the three of us. My father tells me to wait in the lobby, and I watch as they disappear into the managers office.

Now, what I’ll tell you next are the words that came straight from my father’s mouth:

As the three of them sat in the manager’s office, both my father and his friend say they are going to close all their accounts, effective immediately. All the stocks, investments, business accounts, everything will be closed by the time they leave the office. The branch manager is stunned and asks why, to which my father pulls out his phone and he plays the video I had sent him to said manager. My father says the manager looked as white as snow when he saw it, and immediately (and I could hear this from the lobby) yelled out for said financial advisor to, and I quote: “GET IN MY F****** OFFICE RIGHT NOW!”

That’s when I saw the advisor who had belittled me online run into the office as if there was a fire in his pants and he was looking for water to soak it. The manger asked the advisor to explain himself; to which the advisor tried to play it off as a joke. My father and his friend told him they had the entire recording of the seminar, and that no, he wasn’t joking and they were now pulling all their accounts out of said bank. The advisor, now seeing he had been cornered, practically started begging them to stay; saying that he will apologize to me and that it was all taken out of context. My father looked to his friend, who then said:

“Sounds like something a sad, poor person would say.” He then made sure his accounts were closed, and everything was set before he left the office. My father did the same, as the advisor began to tremble. Before he left the office, however, my father extended a hand to the advisor, and said:

“I think you might have forgotten who I am. I’m [Dad’s full name]; father of Auryn [Mom’s last name here].”

Apparently, my parents and their friend had decided to switch banks years ago; after news of what said bank had done to another native family where a grandfather and his granddaughter had been arrested for trying to open a bank account. They already had things in motion, moving things to a different bank already, but this had been the straw that broke the camel’s back. Now, I don’t know everything that was said in the office becuase I wasn’t there for it, so I don’t know what actually happened. All I know is they came out of the office looking pleased with themselves.

We left, and a few weeks later I saw the same advisor as I was walking into town, behind the cash register at the bucks that look like Star. I believe he saw me when I walked in, because he suddenly had “something to do in the back room” and didn’t leave until I left the store.

TL;DR: Was made fun of by a financial advisor; told two of the biggest account holders of said bank, Advisor now works as a cashier at Starbucks.


Ah, but don’t you understand… it’s so much easier to judge someone’s ability to buy a house solely on looks and ethnicity than it is to run a credit check?

/s, to be absolutely clear!


Pure facepalm material on the advisor’s part.

Jerk got what he deserved, and from the sound of it, the bank did too.

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At first I was thinking: Quite a rash move because of one staffmember, but the added part about what happened several years ago made me not care anymore. Really, really, really stupid!


It literally made national news when it happened; and a lot of people spoke up about how they had been treated at said bank. My parents decided then and there that they were switching banks to a more local bank; but my brother and I didn’t know about this until this happened to me. All well, their loss.

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I love stories like this. The “Pretty Woman” principle, named after the Julia Roberts movie of the same name.

This wouldn’t be the incident would it?

How the h*ll can a person mistake a 12 year old for a 16/17 year old? Sure, it’s only four years, but the body does a lot of changing in those four years.

Yeah, I’m glad you dad and his friend ditched that bank. They needed the hit to their wallet.

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That’s the one!

I’m in a Facebook group with members of the local native band and they were talking about this when it first happened. I’m glad there was a settlement back in March about it; but they could have dragged them farther and demanded more. It’s inhuman to treat someone else like that just because of the colour of their skin and say it was because “the numbers don’t match the account”.


I was on my tablet at the time, with my Bluetooth keyboard charging, so I didn’t dig into it further (cruddy Amazon tablet). I’m glad there was a settlement, people who do this need to be hit where it hurts. As for why they didn’t demand more, well, they probably were more concerned with some form of justice than money.

If jail for the folks involved was an option I’d say that would be a nice addition, but ymmv. (Obviously not jail for the father and daughter, of course).

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