Don't find mom's "dating jokes" funny

I want to date and I have been waiting to date for years. But I seriously want to date now. I want to start my own family. And the one thing that isn’t helping is Mom’s “jokes” (some examples are “I can date when I’m in 70s” or when I say i want to start my own family says “I can adopt” or she said after joking about “matching me up with someone who was 80 or 90” I said “I want someone to grow old with” And Mom said “you can grow old with your parents” which isn’t the same thing as I mean). But dating online is out of me every since (dating website) implent the need for bacon text messaging. And since I don’t have a web-camera… that’s out for me and in-person isn’t avaible yet at the moment with a bunch of…people who believe nonsense online

I know Mom’s trying to get me to smile/laugh. But those “jokes” just make me feel worse when most of my former school friends are married or at least have a partner.

Out of interest, what is stopping you from just going out to meet people? If I understand correctly, you’re in your thirties. You’re a grown adult but still beholden to family whims.

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the “global health crisis” is what’s preventing me? Because of the foolish Premier in my province (Ford) …my province is in its FORUTH wave. And because there’s are those fool who believe that covid is a hoax, and other bullshit…they’re making it hard for people like ME to go back to a normal LIFE. (or a better-then-normal life).

its not my parents in this case but the global health crisis and the fools preventing me in this case. Oh and Mom been making these jokes for YEARS and she still hasn’t set me up with anyone PERIOD.

Well at least it’s not Mom talking about my “great aunt who stayed with her parents all her live” or about a more severe disabled woman I know from church. I don’t know which is worse, the jokes or my Mom talking about people who are NOT ME?

She’s knows how upset about not having a partner is for me when all my schoolmates have one in one way or another. To the point that she’s mentioned it during one of the two assements to the person doing it over the internet.

Sorry if I came off a bit defensive there.


You are just frustrated that it seems like you’ll never get your chance to meet someone special, and the worst part of that is it’s not your fault! Circumstances are preventing the entire world from living a “normal” life. But we’re not talking about the world, we’re talking about you and how you feel. I could say you’ll meet someone, just give it time, or any of the other well meaning anecdotes, but that’s only going to make you feel invalidated.

Do you have a hobby you can do away from home? Even if it’s knitting, or drawing, anything that’s mobile? You could take a day at the park, and indulge your hobby, while still socially distancing. I’m sure there’s wonderful people looking for a special person, and a hobby would create a conversation opener.

Just hang in there, take care of yourself and don’t give up hope.

Just before I met my husband (he passed away after 22 years of happiness), I was complaining to my mom about how it’s so difficult to meet someone, get married and have kids. Everybody was trying to be the free bachelor/bachelorette, and make millions of dollars in the business of computer programming, that was all being born then. It was the time of yuppies . This was in 1984.
My mom was a joker like yours, and she piped up with her usual joke and she said, “go adopt four chimpanzees. After you spend all your time cleaning up after them, chasing them around, and have no time for yourself. you’ll find it’s the same thing as marriage and kids, you’ll change your mind!” :face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

It was a problem even before Covid not being able to find people. Since the few hobbies I did pre-pandemic didn’t really have people I was interested in since they’re either my parents’ age, my grandpa’s age, or my sister’s age (7 and 1/2 years older then me) or they’re already taken Or there is an unspoken rule about not dating others in the group. My only hobby was basically bowling. I would like to do camping but my parents are too old for it and I have no one to camp with. But bowling been cancelled for the last couple of years due to Covid.

My only hobbies: bowling, swimming- but I don’t need a rec centre for that when it’s open I have a personal pool in my parents’ backyard, reading, and creating SimLit. I would like to have my own dog but my parents said no.