Dog walking with Dad&sis

This one involves both my Dad and my sister. I can say I know I don’t look good in this.

I don’t remember what year it is. But I have been walking all 3 dogs for some years at this point. I was mostly walking Cider. One day someone asks me if I wanted to go with a walk with the dogs and dad and my sister. I would be dealing with Cider, and my sister would deal with Smudge and Arson.

My Dad has 0 experience in walking any of my sister’s dogs. But he walked beside me and the dog did bathroom business of some sort and I clean it up. Not more then 5 seconds later she was doing the other kind of bathroom business but Dad thought she was doing what she had been doing 5 seconds previous. I knew which was which bathroom business Dad wouldn’t listen to the expert so after having a little argument- I just dropped the leash and went home. I know I shouldn’t have done that. But I didn’t want to be on a walk with Dad if he wouldn’t listen.

Sis was mad at me about that (don’t blame her) -but she wouldn’t even listen to my side of the story about the fact Dad wouldn’t listen to me about dog bathroom business. I had to tell Mom my side of the story. And then she passed it on to sis (who was in the library as well).