Does this story require (more) content warnings?

Another content warning question for you all!

We’ve received a complaint about the following story:

We’ve been asked to add a content warning for ‘Child Abuse’ due to the mother slapping their teenager in an attempt to calm them down.

As editors, we didn’t see the need for this content warning as we took from the situation that the mother does not make it a habit of engaging in physical violence, and it was not an attempt at cruelty or lashing out in anger, but instead an absurd response to an intense situation. While NAR does not condone any physical violence (especially towards minors) we did not see this as warranting a content warning within the context of this story.

Were we wrong? What do you think?

For me, child abuse implies being systemic, and I would say the fact that OP was surprised their mom slapped them is an indication that she does NOT normally hurt OP physically.
So I say there is no need for the Child Abuse warning.


Maybe “Mild violence” or “Uncharacteristic slap”. To me this doesn’t meet the definition of Child Abuse.


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