Does this story require a content warning?


I’ve recently been made aware of a complaint about this old story from 2011.

The complaint states that the story requires a content warning for child abuse, or should be removed as it is presenting events in a funny light.

What do you think? I’d love to have our readers weigh in on the decision.


There are things we don’t like to read, but pretending the world is a nice Disneyesque fairy tale doesn’t help.

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Should it be removed? I have no idea, but i would not lose any sleep over whether or not it remains.

To me, it isn’t presented as a funny exchange, and the mother takes it seriously (although it’s a shame the grandmother thinks it is funny).

Does it need a warning? I also have no idea.

Has this been any help? I’ve no idea, but i suspect probably not…

“Specifically, we found that trigger warnings did not help trauma survivors brace themselves to face potentially upsetting content,” said Payton Jones, a researcher at Harvard University and lead author on the study. “In some cases, they made things worse.”

That’s because the point of trigger warnings is to let people not read the thing, not to brace themselves to read it anyway.


I strongly believe removing it would be overkill.
I don’t think it even deserves a content warning… but if that will appease/help some readers, I see no harm in it.


I agree with you.

I don’t see this as worth a warning. There have been other stories where I believe the verbal abuse could be seen as bigger abuse than this story, those don’t all have warnings.


Yeah like I don’t think the NAL story about the rail thin kids in OP’s class whom OP’s mom figured out were being abused… I don’t think it has a trigger warning and I think it is something that might?

this story

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Apparently my post linking to a study suggesting content warnings have detrimental side effects got hidden? Can I get an explanation, please?


@The_Red_Pen, do you know why?

Thanks for your faith in me, Stephen. :stuck_out_tongue: Unfortunately, I know next to nothing about how our forums actually work. (It’s been a long time since my days running forums about Teen Titans and Harry Potter Roleplaying. Cringe.)

I’ve directed this question to a coworker who may be able to shed some light.

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I also got hit today by flags for a topic that was locked almost a month ago for inactivity. So that was roughly two months ago.

I’m guessing that either someone decided to clear all the flags by locking them or that the system did it automatically for some reason.

Disqus automatically flags comments with links – basically it will require manual approval from a moderator to ensure it isn’t spam. Afterwards, it may have mistakenly grouped with actual spam. If the comment hasn’t been approved still, let me know and I’ll have it double-checked.


Thank you for replying, but it’s about the forums, not Disqus.


Yeah, I got a comment flagged and hidden as well and was holding off asking about it to give the moderators some more time to look into it.

It’s in this very thread, the very first comment. Before Stephen’s, in case you’re not seeing it at all.

Hi guys! Your initial guess was correct, we’re clearing out the queue. From now on, your flags will get sent to us and should get cleared/removed with much better speed, so we can keep the convo going!


I’m not entirely clear on whether this means my post at the top of the thread got hidden from view as a conscious decision by a moderator (in which case I again ask for a better explanation than just being told it was flagged), or if it’s now in a queue to be approved after having been visible for a month.


The latter, it was in an old queue that we were clearing out to start more conscious moderation. This was just a “clear it all out, it’s too old” sweep.

So the hidden posts are going to stay hidden and you’re just not going to deal with them? Because I don’t think that a lot of them should be hidden.