Does it matter that the family in this story is Islamic?

Skip it. Unless there is proof that religion is the reason, it shouldn’t be mentioned.

If you’re going to post the story, keep the information. It feels disingenuous to hide it just because it’ll spark discussion. (And I get the feeling that a hot comment section is a good thing for NAR)

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Another angle for keeping the info in the story: if we intentionally remove everything we consider “unnecessary”, we never learn anything new.
A couple weeks ago, for example, there was a story (Don’t Cheap Out on Safety) about a man in a wheelchair trying to buy condoms and then settling for medical gloves and elastic bands. People in the comments pointed out that it was probably meant as an adaptation for a catheter kit. We’d never get that if the fact that the man was in a wheelchair was left out as some people suggested.


I’ve had a few experiences with men of middle eastern descent refusing to allow me to speak directly to them. I figure, they’re in America, surely they must be more westernized than not. But that doesn’t seem to be the case sometimes. Apparently they desired to be here for a reason, and it makes logical sense to suppose they have an acceptance of the customary addressing of females. It’s good when they bring their wives in to shop with them, as they are friendly and open to taking with me and they are actually great.

I don’t know about surmising a person’s religious affiliation based on their manner of dress, but it is obvious with the Muslims, (I don’t know if there’s different sects of Islam? But I’ve been corrected a couple of time, being told “I’m Muslim”)
But if the story is connected to the religious beliefs I see nothing wrong with pointing that out. That is, unless you’re bashing them for their religion I don’t see it being rude or biased. There’s extremists in all religion, heck look what goes on here in America! I’ve got big issues with the southern baptists being all judgy like they are. I’ve no filter for people who use God to shame anybody and call them out. Though I’ve met very few rude Catholics I’ve come across a few. God, in my belief is ONE entity. He’s just called different names from other places and the practices are different. But it all boils down to one creator.
We are not to cast the stone of right or wrong. It’s all about loving each other as He loves us. And that can be hard to do, often! I am not perfect in any way. There are times I just can’t love a person if I’ve felt judged by them, and probably vice versa.

Tell your story. Just don’t allow yourself to be nasty. If anyone has a problem, shrug it off and move on. Remember, tolerance begets tolerance and love begets love. That is all.

There’s at least two sects of Muslims there’s the Sunni, and there’s the Shia. In the Kora/Quoarn after the Prophet Muhammad passed away there was a split over whom would take over-since Muhammad didn’t have any sons(?) of his own, so it could go his grandson or to something like a 2nd-in command

Shias believe that the head of the Islam should be part of Muhammad’s bloodline. Well the Sunnis believe that the head of Islam doesn’t need to be related to Muhammad

The Sunnis sect are where we get the idea of “Imans” as leaders in Mosques.

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Interesting! I knew of the Sunnis and Shias, but I didn’t ever know how their tenets are practiced.
Thank you for sharing valuable knowledge :heart:

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If you want to edit it, you could say that the disabled male guest is “strictly” religious, and not specify which religion. Offhand I can’t think of a religion that isn’t anti-woman, except for Wicca.

If you prejudge that a female retail worker can’t deal with your automobile issue or your video game, that’s only stupid. But if you accept that an employee is trained to advise and assist disabled patrons of the enterprise, they are competent, but you reject the offer of service because a woman provides the service, that’s deliberately stupid.

But it’s possible to be that much biased, either version, and an atheist.

I think the Church of Satan is probably not anti-woman. The Flying Spaghetti Monsters church of Pastafarianism is probably cool with the ladies too.

A “small” correction; a Muslim prayer leader is an imam. Iman is the word for Muslim religious belief… or David Bowie’s wife. One of those things, I didn’t know before today.

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that’s what I meant