Does anyone know how to access British and Canadian versions of Undercover Boss?

Does anyone know how I could access (without streaming services) the British and Canadian versions of Undercover Boss? I don’t know how about 2 weeks ago that an eposide from the American Undercover boss showed up in my Facebook feed and I watched it and I’m been watching Season 1 of the American version but when I was trying to find the first episode, someone apparently mislabelled the first video because instead of it being waste management it was from the Canadian series of the same name and of the Toronto Zoo. And I just learned from Wikidepia (I know not a reliably source) that the originaly series is a British one…

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Wikipedia is generally reliable. Back in the days of paper encyclopedias, I would sometimes find mistakes also. I would look things up that I was knowledgeable about, like my home town, and there would be mistakes and outdated information. If I find a mistake on Wikipedia, I fix it! I’m sure lots of other Wikipedia editors do the same thing.

My main complaint about Wikipedia is that some of the articles get way too technical for me.

As for finding Undercover Boss on the internet, I found a lot of short clips (2-5 minutes) by doing a web search for Undercover Boss videos, but I suspect you won’t be able to find anything longer unless it is on a streaming service. Since it is a recent series, the copyright owners are probably watching for unauthorized videos and getting them removed from YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

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I was without power for 29 hours

Good grief! Hope you are all okay now that the power is back!

Yeah but I was really worried about Lumoisty all day today till the power came back on. Since I was at 159 days and I know from experience missing one day would put me back at Day 1. And I had just recovered the 159 from my last internet outrage

Our most important Traffic light to us was out for 29 hours as well and it’s a miracle that there wasn’t any traffic accidents during those 29 hours Dad gave Mom a heartache because of me he forgot to mention we were on the other side of the traffic lights yesterday when I “stormed off” I want to check something on a side street and Dad wanted to check damages of other streets so since I didn’t want to try to cross at an unsafe street after checking what I wanted to check I went up to the next avaible crosslight to see if it was working and cross there.

Well it gave me an opportunity to read one of my two Christmas books- about Judith Heuman a disability advocate.

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