Does anyone else give nickname for ice cream toppings or other food toppings?

I’m wondering if anyone one else give nicknames to ice cream toppings or other food toppings? For instance for ice cream toppings my Mom and i call chocolate sause “Mud”, and choclate chips “rocks” and sprinkles “rain”. We had to create a new nickname for Cameral scause so we decided to name it “lava”

Well, a certain someone in my family insists on calling mustard “mouse turd”. A request for Dijon mustard is “put gray poop on!” (after Grey Poupon brand Dijon mustard).

Somehow, I don’t think that’s what you’re looking for…

right not that kind of nicknames. But more funny ones. And I don’t even know why we call the food toppings mud/rocks/rain. We just do…

In the UK, we call the multi-coloured sugar strands/balls topping Hundreds and Thousands; other countries call it Sprinkles.



Raspberry sauce on ice cream from a van was “Monkey’s Blood”. Blue sauce (bubblegum?) was “Witches Blood”. Lime sauce was “Slime”. However, that was only for ice cream from an ice cream van. Sauces didn’t have a nickname if used in the house (rarely to never present to be fair though).


And if you are in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, sprinkles are called jimmies. You have to specify chocolate or not.


We have an ice cream place near us called Jimmies. It’s over in jersey.


If we want chocolate ones, we call them chocolate sprinkles.

Go figure!

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Knowing that has helped me solve many a murder mystery.

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The one I’ve seen on a few occasions is the writing of the date

Am I right in thinking there’s a miss marple story where they are relevant? I’m not sure I’ve seen them anywhere else

And in Rochester NY

Yes, there’s a Miss Marple one. Identifying it would probably be too much of a spoiler. I’ve encountered them in a number of other books as well, because I read so many mysteries. I have often said my bookcases have more corpses than the LA County morgue.

Ha same. Got any good recent recommendations? I’m looking for my next book.

Have you read the Phyrne Fisher series by Kerry Greenwood? They made a terrible tv series that bears no resemblance to the books. The first is Cocaine Blues; there are 21 books so far. They are set in 1920s Melbourne. She also does a series set in modern Melbourne, about a baker. There are 7 of those.

I like the tv show lol. But didn’t know it was based on books, so will have to look at them.

are we getting off topic here?

Not so much for ice-cream, but for other foods yes. The dry food for the cats are nuggets.


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