Does anyone eat Lucky Charms?

If you have, have you heard about the problems people are having? The FDA is investigating because a lot of people have reported bad stomach issues after eating them.

Except for when I was 4-5 years old. And when I was a pre-teen I never got to really eat Junk Cereal (but the junk ceral from when I camping with my parents when I was 4-5 years old didn’t have LC but Frosted Flakes, Rice Krispes…, in one of those “Fun packs” and maybe Fruit Loops - if I ever get done my current big box of RK …I might be allowed to get “Fun packs”)

I never had Lucky Charms because mostly 1)its junk cereal but 2)I was never a fan of marshmallows as child. If I ever move out of this house… I’m going to be going on a binge eatting a lot of junk cereal… I never got too as child. (except for the variety pack… the closet thing I got to junk cereal in this house was Nesquik cereal-which is still avaible up here in Canada… but not avaible in the States)

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