Doctor Who

It seems that Disney+ will be streaming it next year fror non-UK countries. Still the BBC for home


Don’t have Disney+, so I think I will have to find my wooden leg and an eye patch :sweat_smile:

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raises eyebrows… and weren’t you saying something about it being illegal …when I said I would need to find my wooden leg and eye patch for two Disney movies (one out, and one not yet out for another month)…?

No, when have I ever commented on you pirating two movies?

I would personally prefer to pay for the episodes and watch them legally in a good quality than to pirate. But, I am not going to get a subscription with a streaming service for a few episodes.

Amazon Prime sells single episodes, but not in Germany :face_vomiting:

In the ‘What are you currently reading (or watching)’ thread last month Celo made a comment that she would have to pirate some films because her parents won’t buy Disney+, she couldn’t make an online payment herself and can’t buy a physical gift card for a subscription. A lot of people (myself included) tried to point out that this was theft and ‘really wanting it’ didn’t make it somehow not theft or morally acceptable. She must have assumed that you were one of the people involved in that discussion.

That said, does Disney+ not offer a free trial you could take advantage of?

I could get a free trial, but there is no way for me to see what shows they offer. I’ve been trying to see who shows Dr Who on the German market, until 2021 it was Fox. There’s no info who airs the latest season, so I think it’s not officially here yet.

I know Netflix was 1 year behind with new shows.

Amazon prime only sells the first two episodes of the latest season :see_no_evil:

Atm I’m leaning towards “wait and see”, I’m not a big fan of the show anymore so I won’t suffer much. My dad subscribes to all sorts of things, so I’ll try my luck when I’m there in a few weeks.

Streaming the episode from some random site with constant buffering and poor quality just to have seen it is def. the last resort

Lol, was right with the 1 year behind. The “three special episodes” will be available on Disney+ in November 2023 :rofl:

That’s when they’re shown in the UK as well. November 2023 is the 60th anniversary.

Oooh, I thought they first had already been aired!

Then it all makes sense!

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I don’t know about where @Sillsallad lives. But in Canada they (Disney) got rid of the “free trial for a month” just around the time Enchanto went onto Disney+

@Sillsallad sorry for assuming you’re part of the other conversation!

What companion from outside the TV series (books, comics, audio, etc) would you like to see make an appearance in the TV series?

If I could wave a magic wand (or sonic screwdriver) and make it happen, Evelyn Smythe. Sadly Maggie Stables, who played her, died some years ago.

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I loved her chemistry with Colin Baker. The only episode of hers I disliked was Pier Pressure, but that has nothing to do with her performance; the story was just that bad.

Just had a thought about my very VERY lucky cousin. She has worked on a couple Torchwood episodes, the Sarah Jane Adventures, and many of the New Who episodes since SJA ended. And as she is listed in the credits of Power of the Doctor, this means she has worked with:

1st (kinda), 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th and the Fugitive Doctor.

I’m not saying what role she has on the team (and even if you guess I will NOT confirm), but her role almost certainly will have had her interacting with most (if not all) of them!


I know you can’t confirm it. And I don’t know much about behind-the-scenes of TV show or movies… but there’s not really a lot of options of working very close to the Principal actor or in this case, Principal actors- but costume dresser, hair, or make-up are the main three that come to mind.

Oh and does that mean your cousin worked with Argus Filch (David Bradley) as Hartnell’s First Doctor?

Yes, David Bradley is who I mean. He has played the first Doctor on a few occasions (including PotD), but the true first doctor was William Hartnell

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I haven’t heard that one - I skipped it because I saw it had got bad reviews. Sounds like you agree with that consensus.

Also, now I think about it, Erimem would be another good choice.

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Absolutely! She was excellent in all her stories, apart from Nekromantia. Everyone did their best with that story, but it was so badly written. Even worse than Pier Pressure!

Again, I read the reviews and decided to skip it.

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Have you listened to the 8th and Lucie adventures? They are excellent! The first series is excellent listening, from beginning to end.

And in the second series, there’s Max Warp, one of the funniest stand-alone stories I’ve ever listened to. It was pitched to Big Finish as “Agatha Christie meets Top Gear in Space!”

Everyone does a fantastic job. And there are some absolutely ridiculous brilliant accents throughout. What’s not to love?

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Max Warp is brilliant! I love Horror Of Glam Rock as well.

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Grand Theft Cosmos is another really fun one, the Doctor and Lucie working against more selfishly aligned counterparts to steal a dangerous piece of artwork.

As badly executed as Nekromanteia is, more like horribly executed (it’s trying to New Adventures up a retread of Caves of Androzani with a TARDIS crew entirely unsuitable for the treatment), there’s still some interesting ideas and what could have been a half-decent production if the entire guest cast weren’t horrible people. The writer did a Tomorrow People script for Big Finish’s range that’s nowhere near as bad as Nekromanteia. My candidate for one of the worst stories has to be The Dark Husband. First off, it’s a comedy story and Big Finish has a very variable success rate with those. Second, the characterisation of the Seventh Doctor, Ace and Hex is changed to fit the comedic tone, to the point that the sensitive just wants to help people nurse is interested only in getting plastered in the beer tent.