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So… making appropriate use of spoiler tags what did we think about that twist?!

I made the mistake of having Facebook open and glanced at it 5 minutes before the end just in time for it to be spoiled. :neutral_face:


I said 14’s first line of “what? What!?” before he did. But i was saying it with a smile on my face.

Loved 14’s first line. Adored 13’s last.


Quite a twist! Excited to see how this plays out.

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I’m wonderingif the forced generation and back into the old body caused the Doctor to have an “old familiar face” as “The curator” put it from the 50th special with Tenant, Smith, and Hurt

But did anyone notice thatTenant’s Father-in-law who also was THE Doctor appeared in the episode?

Apparently they are bringing Donna back for the special too. Gotta say she was my least favourite companion but hey, she was really popular with a lot of the fan base so it’s a clever way to reignite interest.

Donna will be apperenty in three episodes with Tenant.[/spoiler] And also [spoiler]Dona’s granddad-and this will be his last acting role before his death this summer

I loved all the nods to the past, and I’m not just talking about Ace and Tegan (don’t have to blur them because they were in the trailer!)

It was lovely to see all the Doctors from Peter Davison to Paul McGann, and David Bradley back as the First Doctor, and even nicer that Ace and Tegan got to have scenes with their Doctors. Loved the joke about why the Eighth Doctor wasn’t in the robes like everybody else!

I’m glad we found out why Ace stopped travelling with the Doctor as well!

Did anybody else notice the empty chair at the companion support group? I’m of the belief that they left it for Sarah Jane.

Is it next year yet?!

I’m not sure how much Spins off like Torchwood and Sara Jane Adventures are cannon in the DW universe but since they both appeared in Stolen Earth/Journey’s End with Tenant and Donna,- that after Sara Jane’s actor passed away that the shower runner for that had a funeral for Sara John and Ace might be the current owner of K9 if the webcast “Funeral for Sara jane” is cannon.

I do wonder what Peter Davison thinks of his SIL (Son-in Law) being the Doctor again!. or Tenant’s own wife (boy is that Davison-Tenant family timey wimney since I think Tentant’s wife, dauther of Davison-they had three- four daughters together -so that if you included Mrs. Tenant, there’s 5 daughters of Doctor Who)

Elizabeth Lischild from Who Culture channel thinks that either Martha Jones, or even better- Brian Williams (Rory’s dad) should have been at the meeting so he wasn’t a long time compian like the others…but why wouldn’t he been trying hard to find other Earth-people who have had adventures with the Doctor?

The seat could have been for Ryan. Perhaps Graham invited him, but he chose not to attend.

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A bit of hypothetical here…

What companion from outside the TV series (books, comics, audio, etc) would you like to see make an appearance in the TV series?

I’d love to see Liv Chenka (Nicola Walker) or Lucie Bleedin’ Miller (Sheridan Smith)

four possible compians for the empty seat:

doing a Jewish thing that is done during Passover for a prophet at meal times, but for Sara Jane Smith

Martha Jones (she’s still alive, knows the doctor, and is married to another short-time compian, Mickey ?

Brian Williams


Don’t have access to those things…so I wouldn’t know them

The only example of wider Doctor Who media I’ve seen was the expansion pack for the Lego Dimensions game. It was a lot of fun though! The default Doctor was Capaldi but everytime he ran out of health he would regenerate as a past Doctor.

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Out of curiosity, why isn’t the War Doctor counted in the formal numbering? Similarly, shouldn’t the Master regeneration count as an interation?

Lucie or Hex for me!

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From what I seen is the reason that the “War Doctor” doesn’t count in numbering- is because he didn’t use the name “The Doctor” because of breaking some kind of promise or vow??

11th Doctor: “But not in the name of The Doctor”

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I saw this tongue-in-cheek explanation of the numbering of the Doctors:

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As far as actor chemistry goes, the two of them work extremely well together, so that is likely one reason for Donna’s return.


WRT the chair, some screenshots show what appears to be a laptop on it, so it could be someone was attending via zoom. But others have commented that it isn’t a laptop but is just the seat cushion.

If it is a laptop, then it could be for another name i saw suggested: Polly. She was the companion to 1st and 2nd, and her actor (Anneke Wills) is still alive.

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Haven’t watched it since Capaldi regenerated, might watch the next episodes now xD I just don’t know where I can watch it (legally)