Do you have a funny nickname?

This could be an in-joke with you and your friends and family or just a nickname you’ve gotten for a random reason.

Just to start off the conversation… No.

My nicknames are simply half of my Christian name or my Last name + a Y.

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As a toddler I started calling myself “Såsi” (sounds like saucy) and that name has stuck in my family setting.

My fiancé often calls me “die Schwedin” (the Swedish woman), people usually laugh at that


I don’t know if it counts but instead of 'Daddy" my son took to calling me “Mummy D” for a while when he was a toddler. I kinda liked it.


Mine was Chuckles, when i was a toddler.

I don’t really have a nickname as such, but at work, i do sometimes get called “Stefano”. I work with a “Jack the Lad”, “Mickey Love”, “Dodge” and “Edwardo”, amongst MANY others


I was a small baby so my nickname as a kid was Peanut.

My maiden name was a man’s name with son on the end so something like Edwardson. My high school friends called me the equivalent of Ed. It was a bit of a surprise to their parents when they were told Ed was coming over and a girl showed up.


On several other places online, I run around as KitKat so this should help the rest make some sense.

Kat for friends/colleagues made during/after college.
Kath for family/1 particular friend who pretty much is family.
K for immediate family. My brother does something similar with his wife (SIL) and daughter (my niece).

One of my residents referred to me as “The Pest.” I giggled.


When I was growing up my nicknames were Magnolia and Bedalia. Sometimes, even now, I get called Shar Bar (my first name is Sharon).


My name is too short for a real nickname unfortunately so I never got one… always wanted one as a kid. My parents did have a couple pet names (which have continued). My mom still calls me “baby girl” and my dad calls me “pumpkin-head” or more often “girly-girl”. I have no idea where pumpkin-head came from but girly-girl is from my dad’s tendency to turn nouns into adjectives by adding y to the end. Even if the result is already a word. And it stuck even though I’ve never been “girly” in the dictionary sense. Then there’s my boyfriend, who calls me cutie or more recently just “you”. He’s the only one I know who can make a pronoun sound like a pet name.


My dad used to call me Sunshine. He said he started calling me that during my senior year in high school, but I could have sworn it was before that. Regardless, he started greeting me with, “Mornin’, Sunshine!” when I’d drag my sleepy self into the kitchen each morning before school. The nickname stuck and he was still calling me that up until he died nearly two years ago. A couple of years before his death, he told me that when he was gone he wanted me to have his Bible, and in it were two envelopes: one for me and one for my brother. My brother’s envelope was addressed with his first name, but mine said, “To my Sunshine”. (The envelopes contained a photocopy of a short poem Dad wanted us to read.) So, not really a funny nickname, but a nickname nonetheless.


That’s lovely.


As a young kid, a few people took to calling me Jake the Pillow Snake (my name isn’t Jake, Jacob or any variant, although it does start with a “Jay” sound.) I think this was due to a CB name I picked out alongside my grandfather, which in turn derived from what was essentially a PSA-style Captain America comic I’d read in school.

Anyway, at some point it morphed into Jake-a-roo-bob. Likely thanks to a certain cousin I was particularly close to when I was younger.

edit: on second thought, the pillow snake bit may have been inspired by a special Spider-Man comic. I think there was an accompanying Captain America comic where he faced a “myth monster” however.


Hey, another “Stefano”! (Then again, we share a name /István is Hungarian for Stephen/, so this makes sense.)
I was called Stefano, or just Stef, by some of my high school classmates as we were a Hungarian-Italian bilingual class and when we were just starting out and were learning phrases like “My name is …”, I introduced myself as Stefano.


I have quite a few nicknames. As teens, my younger brother decided that “Larry” rhymed with my legal name. (It doesn’t. At All.) The name “Larry” stuck within my family. I’m female, so this has caused more than one visitor to go “WTF?”
Though it’s less amusing than my brother’s nickname: Petunia.

My other nicknames aren’t exactly “funny” but I’ll mention 'em anyway…

High School, the friends I played D&D with called me Spike (because I wore spiked leather jewelry, presumably). That name didn’t last past HS. Every now and then one of my old HS friends will use it, but it’s rare.

All my WoW friends call me “Burn.” (BurnsLikeIce was the name of my first char, later changed to just Burn, and I still use it for other toons. Also a preferred username across all different sites. NAR is unique in that I don’t use that handle here.)

Technically “Leiko” is a nickname. (Means “Arrogant.” Fitting, yes?) It’s not my legal name. Gone by it since I was 18. Many of my friends and acquaintances don’t actually know my legal first name. Or they’ve been told, but keep forgetting 'cause I only use it with family or for Official things.


Not me but my youngest cousin though I think I’m the only one who still uses it to refer to her.

Her nickname is B. It is short for baby because we had three people with the same name.


I have had a number of nicknames over the years:

  • Baby Beanie when I was very young (think it started when I was a baby, that my dad said I looked like a bean - my brother morphed it to Baby Beanie, and even made up a horrible song about it)
  • Lurch in high school (my maiden name was “Adams”
  • Jules (my dad called me the family jewels :slight_smile:) that one is ongoing
  • JuBu in college
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