Do/Does Wineries have non-wine or other alcoholic beverages for non-drinkers?

I’m not familiar with wineries since I don’t drink any alcoholic beverages. So I’m wondering do wineries have non-wine drinks for those whom don’t drink like for Designated Drivers and such? I know that bars have soft drinks (ie coke, and such) for DDs is the same true for wineries?

Like most things, it depends on the winery. Some do, some don’t.

So it means for the Murdoch Mysteries Tour in the Fall- that for whichever day we go to the Winery for a chef’s dinner Mom and I should bring water with us just in case

For something like that I’d imagine they’ll have a variety of drinks not just wine.

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I looked up the tour. It says transportation is provided on the tour if you’re worried about driving. Tastings also usually involve small amounts, so you may still be legally allowed to drive afterwards.

Otherwise, they’ll probably have water to drink. The employees have to drink something after all, and they probably can’t get drunk while working.

I know all the transporation is coach bus. It just Mom and I don’t drink any alcoholic drinks period. (no wine, beer, champagne, etc). We only drink water, tea, mocktails and/or soft drinks beverages (ie Coke/Pepsi, Ice Tea, 7-up/Sprite, Crush/Fanta).

But one of the provided suppers is at a winery and that’s why I wanted to know if wineries have non-alcoholic drinks/beverages for Mom and I.

I just was using Designated drivers as an example. I wasn’t worried about driving (Mom and I can’t drive anyway). Like I know in bars/restaurants they have soda/pop/Coke (Whatever you might call Coke and other pop drinks) for people whom don’t drink. underage or are the DDs.

I just wanted to know if there was stuff like soda/pop/whatever drinks at wineries for similar reasons as to bars.

Can’t you contact that specific winery to ask if they accommodate non-drinkers?


Nope since it’s already pre-arranged with the tour. And it’s a supper and “wine tasting”. and the trip isn’t until Fall (late Sept) IF nothing happens. Ok I did my research and there’s 50/50 chance there’s soda or something at the the Winery. If not there’s always is water for me and Mom at least.

The tour’s website says that it’s the Peller Estates. Here’s their website:

I already looked at the menus but I couldn’t find anything about non-alcoholic beverages. Not even water or tea or even mocktails. I guess there’s going to be water at least or grape juice maybe. The Menu only showed wine information as well as food. I might as well be looking at Wikipedia /s

The closet thing I can see about non-alcoholic beverages for the Peller Winery Estate is a “Wine tasting” tour for the area from 2019 and it had passes for DDs?

Ok I found there’s water at least. There might be grape juice but other then that there’s no information and that was from deep looking outside of menu.

There is a contact form on their site. Why aren’t you able to contact them? The fact that it’s pre-arranged doesn’t mean you can’t ask them a question.

I see they serve water alongside the wine (I see it on some of the pictures) so I’d guess it’s possible to get just water as well.


You can still contact them direct. Just explain you’re coming up with a tour, and you’d like to know if they have non-alcoholic drinks

I might wait until like August to contact them since it’s a bit too soon and we don’t know what it might be like Covid-wise in the fall.

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That could be a wise idea. You never know what changes over there.

Thanks everyone for trying to help

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