Disqus login changed?

So far, if I had an active Google account (as in, I was logged in to Google) when I opened Disqus on a device on which I wasn’t yet logged in to Disqus, then selected the Google login option, it logged me in with my Google-bound account.
Now if I do the same, it prompts me to specify an e-mail address and password, making it look like I need an actual Disqus account. Is that right? And if I use the same e-mail address I use for my Google account (as secondary), will it recognize me as the same user?

ETA: I used to have a Google account with no Gmail, then I recently added a Gmail address for that account, so now, with that new address being the primary, maybe that’s why Disqus doesn’t want to let me in? But I doubt it, then it would not prompt me to sign up with Disqus.

(I’m not sure if this is the best place to ask, but I guess it’s worth a shot…)

If you’re selecting Disqus “Login” then “Google” and seeing something like the following, then I think it’s Google asking you to confirm that you’re you, even if you are already logged in to Google. If you tightened your Google account security settings at some point, then that might cause this. Or it may be a temporary mistake.

Sign in - Google Accounts
Sign in with Google
to continue to Disqus.com
Email or phone
To continue, Google will share your name, email address, language preference, and profile picture with Disqus.com. Before using this app, you can review Disqus.com’s privacy policy and terms of service.

Thanks, but no, it seems to be something else, I have to supply a password and it has tick boxes for “I agree to Disqus’ terms of service” and accepting Disqus’ processing of email and IP address, and, optionally, to the processing of my info via cookies. So it looks like an actual Disqus signup page.
I suppose I can try with my so-far-used e-mail address, I’m just worried that it won’t recognize it as an already existing account and will start it from blank, and I don’t know where to turn for support if that happens – as far as I can see, Disqus has no end user support, only for sites using Disqus.

Disqus doesn’t support account holders, no. That’s left to web site owners to do, if they want to.

You could log out and in on Google to make sure your credentials are current. Or, try on a different device. Or both. Also, empty the browser’s cache. It might be a virus, it might be your web browser if it’s out of date or unsupported or you forgot you’re using Private Mode.

I know I need to re-login because I reinstalled my Windows (so I have just logged in to Google anew as well), I just don’t understand why Disqus now expects me to create an actual Disqus account when choosing to log in with Google, instead of using the account I have been so far (and which is still active on my phone).
Oh, well, I guess the only way to find out is to try creating a Disqus account with my so-far-used e-mail address and see what happens. Thanks for your responses in any case.

I tried creating a Disqus account using my so-far-used e-mail address and it told me that that address is already in use. So it does recognize that as an existing account, I just can’t get into it… no idea what to do, I guess I’ll try asking on the Disqus help forum-like thing, using a throwaway new account.

EDIT: I tried the Forgot Password? link on the “I have an account” page and managed to set a new password for my existing account, for which I don’t remember setting any passwords. Now I’ve managed to log in with my old account, treating the e-mail address as a Disqus login, not as a Google login.
Still, thanks again for your suggestions.