Disqus Issues?

Not sure if this a “just me” thing, or if anyone else is having issues: Disqus has decided to log me out, and refuses to let me back in — it says “Your password has been invalidated due to account inactivity.” (Not sure how they plan to run a service where 6 hours offline is regarded as account inactivity)

However, simultaneously, the Password Reset form is refusing to display the Captcha, and then not letting be continue without completing the Captcha that it isn’t offering me?

As I said at the start — has anyone else encountered anything similar, or am I just being particularly unlucky?

I’ve always had problems like these with Disqus. Everytime it decides to log me out, I need to reset the password. Every. Single. Time.

I’ve had issues with logging in because I wasn’t letting them track me across sites. Try checking your browser settings for that. Or try changing your password in a different browser and just never logging out again, which is what I try to do.

I’ve not had that problem in a while. I used to have it a good while ago, but not for a year. Is it just NAR or other sites that use Disqus? Also, have you contacted anyone?

As mentioned below - are you only using Disqus on NAR or are you seeing this on other sites too?

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