Disqus blocking

Does anyone know whether Disqus know that their ‘block user’ function doesn’t work properly, and whether there’s any plan for fixing it?

At the moment, blocking only works if the comment section is very short.

The moment I click ‘Load more comments’, any ‘content unavailable’ posts made by people who blocked me are made visible. That means I know exactly who blocked me, and I can still read, vote on and comment on their posts - but as far as I can tell, they still can’t read what I’m saying to them (can anyone confirm?).

So all that blocking someone does is let them know that you blocked them, and remove your own ability to see and respond to them. Um… am I the only one who thinks this is maybe not great?

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I’ve also noticed that when you upvote a reply to a comment from user that blocked you that comment becomes visible.


I hadn’t noticed that; I’ll look out for it! Sounds like Disqus ‘blocking’ is even more broken than I thought.


I’ve let the rest of the team know about this issue - thanks for letting us know the many ways Disqus’ blocking function isn’t working as it should be.

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