Disney triva question worded it confusingly?

Okay in 2020… I was listening to some Facebook videos during the pandemic. One of them was a Disney trivia one. Now on the FB comments a lot of people are really confused with the wording of the one question. “Based on their release date of their film whom is the oldest Disney princess?” what would you guys think of this question and it’s answer?

Snow White, since her film was released first?

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I’m going to wait to see if some other people post before, I post a similar (but differently worded) question

There are two possible answers, either the earliest release date being the oldest or the release date minus the age of the character being the oldest. The oldest release date is Snow White. Snow White was release in 1937, and at 14 that would give Snow White a birth date in 1923. In Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001), Kidagakash Nedakh is some 8,000 years old, giving her a birthdate circa 5,999 BCE.

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I’d agree with KiannaMcDowell, but I understand it’s possible to calculate as Callyn did, so there is indeed room for interpretation.

Well Kida isn’t an “official” Disney princess so she doesn’t really count (Offical Disney Princesses: Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Pochantas, Mulan, Tiana Rapunzel, Merdia. Moana, (and now Raya).

I’m going to wait until 3pm before I put the different-worded question up

Well then, the only choice is Snow White. There’s too big a gap between when Snow White and Cinderella for Cinderella to be older than Snow White.

wait till you see what the actually question could have been worded

I would assume as Kianna said that it’s the oldest Disney princess film. Alternatively, it could be princess’ age at time of release + however many years, meaning how old they would be now if they were real?

you’re getting really close to what the wording of the question could have been

close enough to 3pm.

New wording “There are two princesses who are the same age, whom is the oldest based on their release date?” /"There are two princess who are the same age (19), whom is the oldest based on their release date?"

That’s a much less confusing way to ask the question. Like, it’s the same question but since there are fewer choices there’s an inarguable answer that fits both ways.

Unless there was something else there to indicate the two 19 year olds (Cinderella and Tiana), then that isn’t so much a bad way to phrase the question as it is asking a completely different question.

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Yeah I only decided on the 2nd additonally worded question (First in the 2nd question post) then added the 3rd addtioanlly worded question with (19) in brackets.

So of the two Disney Princesses who are 19, based on their release date, whom is the oldest?

In the video when the question was asked in Format 1, one person answered “Snow White” and was deemed wrong, and it took 2 more people to guess the right answer

So what do you think is the answer from the newly-worded questions?

Cinderella. The hard part of that question is that I only know how old one of the Princesses is off the top of my head, but knowing that the options are Cinderella and Tiana it’s obvious.


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