Disabled man forced out of Ontario restaurant

I was making supper tonight and on the 6 o clock news the very first item on that news was about how a disabled man with a service dog in an Ontario (town which used to have another name before WWI) was forcefully removed from a restaurant in (town).

Apparently, according to the managers that they asked for service dog’s proof of being a service dog In one article online when they forced him to the ground and stared to pull him toward a door one of the managers said to a bystander pateron in the resturant “we don’t want him here” and the pateron said “he got a service dog, you can’t kick someone out for having a service dog”

Apparently, the handler had the papers in his hand but the managers didn’t give a hoot and still forced him out by dragging him out.

Now Canada doesn’t have federal disability act so it’s up to the provinces. Ontario does have one. And according to Ontario government website that service dog handlers don’t have to show proof of their service dog’s “ID” or “papers”

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