Disabled homeless woman in shelter hotel calls 911 because of Valentine's Day fire

This isn’t recent news but I thought I should talk about it. Background:

Toronto been having a problem since March 13th 2020 with homeless population in Toronto. Last June and July they cleared out city parks which had encampments of homeless people in it. The city did convert some of the (empty) hotels into being places for homeless people to go too. At some point last year a racialized man was building mini-shelters for these people whom are been living in tents. The shelters are consisted of:
walls are lined with a thick layer of fibreglass insulation normally used in residential construction. There is a door, a small casement window and spinning caster wheels at each corner of the base. Also the door has a lock.

They also stocked with Carbon moxide detectors and fire extinguishers. The city sued and prevented the guy from making any more of these tiny shelters. But when the news first came to light about the city going to sue the guy for building these tiny shelters a woman came forward whom is currently living in a hotel shelter and had used the guy’s shelter. This woman is disabled.

The hotel people put the disabled woman on the 15th floor of the hotel and despite number of complaints (on night one even!) of that problem the employees didn’t give a dam. And on Valentine’s day there was a fire (10 stories below) the staff that was there came up to do an evacuation to get people off the floor didn’t know the woman was disabled and despite her explaining several times that she couldn’t walk down 15 fights of stairs with her walker so instead she got left behind. The guy staff member claimed he would tell the emergency crew or staff member. That apparently didn’t happen and despite the woman calling four times talking to three other staff members.

The firefighters STILL didn’t know she was in the building until The woman called 911 herself to tell them that! At the time of the article she was still in the same hotel but moved to the more accessible third floor instead of the 15th floor she was on.


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