Disabled high student not allowed to NOT read certain books?

I was a disabled student but I was partly put in Gr. 9 & 10 defunct applied classes in my province mostly for English and Math. College level class in Gr.11 and 12. I don’t remember what I read for English class in Gr.11 but I do remember reading a book called Crabbe in Gr.9 and Gr.10 there was a book which borrowed from Albert Estien’s theory of relavirty. I don’t recall what I read for English class in Gr.11 but I’m pretty sure that in Gr.12 I read the book “Of Mice and Men”.

All these years later (13)… I still wish I hadn’t been made to read it. I could read through it but I could only watch half of the movie of the same name. My Mom did try hard not to have me read the book but they refused it. I mean my Mom tried to get me to moved to a higher English class but the head of the department didn’t think I would be able to do the work. Which is ironic since I was in a university level Ancient History class in Gr.11 and 12 with my own father as the teacher (and yes he didn’t make it easier for me either… except for when we were at home) I would have much rather have read Frankenstein, or something but not of Mice and Men

It also doesn’t help that I know for a fact that now days some marginalized community members (the new form of saying BIPOC since BIPOC is bad now) are allowed to NOT read stuff like To Kill a Mockingbird and other books which have a depiction of the Marginalized community

Is it fair that marginalized community students can have the option of “opting out” of books like “To Kill a Mockingbird” but 13 years ago, me as a disabled high school student couldn’t have the option of “opting out” of a book like “Of Mice and Men”?

We didn’t have the option of opting out of anything at my school, disabilities or no. Including Of Mice and Men, the most boring book that I have ever had the misfortune to read.

After we read the text on paper bound together with the most soporific elements man could think of, we were to do a book review.

Question: What was the best thing about the book?

My answer: When George shot Lenny and the book ended.

and that’s why I hated the book-because Lenny like me is mentally disabled. That’s the whole reason my parents didn’t want me to read the book because of Lenny’s portrayal or something about him.

But my Mom who up until March 2020 was a substitute teacher and in some schools she taught after I left my high school- marginalized community students were always asked if they wanted to read the book (ie: To Kill a Mocking Bird). Since which isn’t excatly fair since I didn’t get to opt out of the Of Mice and Men.

If I couldn’t opt out of Of Mice and Men 13 years ago,… I don’t think its fair that marginalized communities can opt out of To Kill a Mockingbird and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, or The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.

I think Mom told me that the marginalized communities just read another book or something? Something I could have done instead … I much rather have been reading Frankenstein, or To Kill a Mockingbird, or something that didn’t create discomfort for me 13 years later, Heck, if English class had been in first semester. I could have even done a book report on the Phantom of the Opera novel because I had found a copy at the grocery store’s book sale in October 2007!

P.S. You might want to be very carefully when you say things like that… because it could offend someone like you sort of accidently offended me by saying “best part. was of a mentally disabled someone being killed.”

I apologise for any offence that I inadvertently caused. I found the writing to be stilted, the plot semi-coherent at best and the chemistry between the two main characters to be non-existent. In class, Lenny’s mental disability was touched on once at the beginning and then rarely mentioned after that. To be honest it was more “mind of a child” type terms than “Lenny has a mental disability”. That’s probably why I never picked up on it and just thought you hated the book too

If you have an alternative major event that occurs at the end of the book for the 13 year old me just shy of 20 years ago to end the book report on, I am all ears. To me, Lenny smushes a puppy, smushes Curly’s wife then George shoots him and walks off into the sunset.

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Like I said,… I could just barley managed reading cover-to-cover the book and answering questions on paper (er laptop for me). And I could only watch the first half of movie. The next time I had that English class and we’re suppose to watch the 2nd half… I asked to be excuse and went else where ( I can’t remember where I went, it was 13 years ago for me and I was 17 at the time).

Completely off topic, but if you are adding text at the end of something, the letters to use are PS, not BS.

PS stands for Postscript, and roughly translates as “after the writing”.

BS stands for something, uh… completely different and would trigger any swear filters. The B stands for Bull and BS indicates it is unbelievable.

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sorry about that I fixed it!

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No worries. Normally I wouldn’t point out errors, but in instances like that where the error is something accidentally offensive I will say something


Here in BC, I had the choice of what to read in the homeschool program for Grade 12 English, the books were the same for both the advanced course and the regular course and it included books like ‘Of Mice and Men’, ‘1984’, etc. I also had to read ‘Snow Falling on Cedars’ and do a report about it in the end. Grade 11 English was ‘Lord of the Flies’ or ‘The Crysalids’ (I read both and boy did they bore me), Grade 10 was ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’, and I can’t remember the Grade 9 book (I don’t think there was one) but I do remember doing the Shakespeare unit every year… that was fun.

I was also given the choice if I couldn’t get ahold of the books from the District or the Library, I could chose my own book to read and report on. I chose to do 1984, since my older brother still had his copy of it from when he was in school and I honestly didn’t have a problem with it. I was in the advanced track, but there wasn’t much of a difference here but the workload.

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one of my girlfriends was in the advanced class in Gr.9 and she got to read Frankstien in that class while I got the boring Crabbe book in an applied class (which is now no longer a thing due to Racialized minitories having been streamed into those classes no matter how good there grades are)

A wee bit off topic, but you might find this episode of You’re Dead to Me, which is all about Mary Shelley.

They also did an episode about her mother too…

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