Did this customer's revenge mean a headache for the staff?

So I have just received this story, and while I can appreciate the revenge sentiment explained by the OP, I am not sure if their actions would cause the bad customers to freak out and cause a headache for the staff instead. What do you think?

Here is the story:

An old friend emailed me this morning. He said he was in the drive through lane at a fast food place. The lady behind him thought he was taking too much time to order, so she honked, and when he looked in rear view, she flipped him off.

He thought, wow I better take the high road.

When he got to the cashier he paid for his and the ladies order that was behind him too. When she moved up and leaned out her window he told her he had paid for her order too. She looked embarrassed, as she should have.

When he got to the second window, he had both receipts, so he took both orders. Now, she has to go through the drive through again and wait even longer.

I suppose man-made karma would be an appropriate tag.

If she was the kind to honk and insult someone for taking time to order, she is the kind to scream at and abuse fast food employees until they give her her meal for free. Never mind the people waiting while it is being re-made. I would bet she didn’t go and queue again.

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… I could swear that we’ve already had that story on the site before? (But, from the perspective of the person who did it, not “a friend told me”)

But, yeah, I’d argue that this is a case of fraud by misrepresentation. A customer has reserved/ordered a product, and someone else has come in and taken it. The company has promised to have the product reserved and available, and now they don’t; with a fast-food restaurant that’s fairly easy to fix (unless it was the last of an item), but if this happened at an electronic appliance store, or ordering a specific colour at a paint store, or something like that, then the customer would likely have grounds to raise a complaint against the store for false-advertising or similar.


Me, being cross at the friend:



Yeah, this is a common repost on the big 5 social media sites. I’ve seen it a bunch of times.

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notaraccoondog: are you saying that this story isn’t original?

I think that this isn’t taking the high road and that the other customer’s story is NAR-worthy too; they both are. “He apologised for holding up the line, and he told me he had paid for my order. And in fact, he had. He also took it with his own and drove away.”

But how Impatient Customer reacts to that is between her and her server and the manager. I think they owe her the meal that she was told was paid for. It’s OP’s Friend who dined and dashed.

It also undermines the “thing” of paying for someone else’s order as a kind act - but I have doubts about that anyway. I think there are better places and times to help.

Yup. There’s even articles about it. Just Google “paid for and took rude ladys food at drive thru”

Ah, so I see.
2019: https://www.boredpanda.com/rude-mcdonalds-customer-petty-revenge/
2020: https://au.news.yahoo.com/the-truth-behind-womans-viral-mc-donalds-drivethru-revenge-095744549.html

"The story’s latest author, a woman from Canberra, actually pinched it from a friend in Ireland years ago.

“She told Yahoo News Australia she shared it simply to ‘give people a laugh and a change from the hate and violence being spread’.”


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