Did the OP go too far?

We’ve recently published this story, about a waiter responding to racist abuse.

Did the OP go too far in their reaction, or was it justified? What do you think?

OP essentially physically attacked someone over their (quite awful!) verbal abuse. That could legitimately lead to charges being filed against OP and/or a lawsuit against their employer, it did lead to OP losing their job, and it almost certainly worsened the bigot’s atrocious attitude (not that their attitude is on OP to fix in any way).

So, yeah, I’d say OP went too far. We can’t know from what was posted whether OP’s employers would’ve supported refusing the guy service or kicking him out, but even if not, doing so would’ve been a higher-ground stand over which to quit or get fired.

I certainly don’t blame OP for being furious about the bigot’s attitude and verbal abuse. Their level of anger was absolutely justified. Their method of response was problematic.


+1 on that. It is totally understandble, but OP definitely took it too far


Physical assault when receiving verbal insults. Yes, too far and should have resulted in legal action.

This should be listed under NAW, despite crap customer. Assault with hot liquid (soaks clothes and thus burns much worse due to prolonged exposure) is not something to take lightly.


I keep thinking about the poor woman in the McDonald’s Coffee Cup case: the scalding she got required skin grafts.

It’s possible the coffee wasn’t that blistering hot in this story, but even so,there was no need to do that, no matter how much of a bigoted jerk he was.


Just to further add, im kinda hoping this is a wish-fulfilment story, or at the very least, completely made up. If it really did happen, then the OP is at risk of criminal charges


Well there’s several factors in the McDonald’s coffee case. From the last time I looked it up the car the woman’s grandson was driving was before there were cupholders. And another problem of the car in question the dashboard was “slanted” so basically the only place for the woman to put the cup to open the lid (and those things are tricky buggers) to add I think it was sugar(?) was between her knees.

I think the whole incident could have been avoided had the woman and the grandson went inside ordered, buy the coffee and sit down and drink/eat the food or drink they had gotten.

Edit: I can’t really talk about coffee being hot. Because I burned my thumb carrying home a cup of coffee from Tim Horton’s last fall. They didn’t give me a sleeve thing for it.

Ive read up about the case (as much as is available as NDAs have obscured a lot).

But here I was really just focusing on the nasty injury she received, and thinking that the jerk customer might have received something similar. NO ONE deserves that.


Well Tim Hortons a (Coffee restaurant) which has coffee almong other things. Normally for hot coffee they’re suppose to give you a sleeve of sorts to protect your hands from the cup?

While last fall, my local Tim Horton’s didn’t do that, so I ended up burning one of my thumbs on the coffee cup carrying it about 15min walk back to my house

If it was Reddit, I’d say “Everyone Sucks Here” even though I have to admit I’d probably do the same thing if it was me.

An over-reaction, but an understandable one.


Customer deserved a comeuppance. Was this it? I don’t know.

Diner changed clothes, and basked in his victory of having a [Hispanic slur] fired.

OP had the satisfaction of diner feeling bad for a minute or 2 and was fired for it. I would say it wasn’t worth it, but OP apparently feels different.


I think the backbone of that case was because McD’s didn’t follow proper safety guidelines, and kept coffee at 20 degrees above what it should have been. Saw a fascinating little story on it once.

And as for the burns it wasn’t just ouch ouch, blisters, it was OHMYGODFLESHISMELTING. She had to have at least one, if not more surgeries for skin grafts. Anyone can spill coffee. Worst I’ve ever had to do was stick my hand under cold water for a bit.


McDonald’s had previously been issued a warning about having their coffee too hot. They ignored the warning. That (and the fact that they initially offered a pittance in comparison to the medical bills/other expenses) was part of the reason the jury decided that her family deserved so much money. That was the amount that the company made off of coffee sales in a certain amount of time.

About a decade later, she died from complications due to the coffee. During that time, she had very little quality of life.


I still think it;s partly the woman’s and grandson’s fault because 1)the grandson car didn’t have cupholders and since the car dashboard in the grandson’s car was slanted it means there was no place for the woman to put the cup in order to take the lid off except in her knees. I mean there could have been two other choices choice 1) go inside and order and and drink and stuff (since its wasn’t like the two were in any hurry to get anyplace since they had already dropped off grandson’s father at the airport) or 2)have the grandson hold the cup while she got the lid off the cup and put in the stuff. I mean the car was parked after all for that reason.

Did you know she admitted liability for the spill, but only wanted help for the medical bills which was McDonald’s fault… they had been repeatedly told they were ser inh coffee way too hot?

And after the court case, the lawyers spread misinformation about the court case to stop people doing “frivolous” suing?


So you’re saying it’s her fault she was maimed and killed because she didn’t have cupholders?

Well it’s part of the reason anyone whom has had fast-food coffee from anywhere (McDonald’s Tim Horton’s) know they’re too hot to even hold in your hand. Heck I burned my right thumb last fall bringing home a Tim Hortons coffee. The car the grandson had was a car which didn’t have cupholders and the dashboard was slanted so it meant she couldn’t put the cup up there either.

Ok well here’s something interesting about the Grandson’s car was a Ford Probe 1989 (at least in one version of the story). And the McDonald’s lawsuit might have spooked the car industry (Ford and other car companies) into making sure cupholders were in any cars coming out after 1994. Since Ford was concerned they might be held liable for the coffee spilling as well as McDonald’s. European Ford had originally declined what I guess at the time was a extra “feature” (like Seatbelts were originally) and after 1994 McDonald’s Coffee lawsuit, they started having cup holders like seatbelts be a standard thing.

Yeah the coffee lawsuit seem to be a modern day Greek mythology. Since some say the grandson’s car was a Ford Probe, and another site say it was a Toyota.

Yeah McDonald’s was to blame for having it too hot. But whom in the world puts coffee in between their knees?

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Everyone? Even with a cupholder, I’ll put stuff in between my knees to put stuff in because that’s easier than reaching over to the holder with my right (dominant) hand. It’s also more secure than most other options: it’s resting on the seat and between your knees, so it probably won’t move much, and it’s very easy to reach, so you can put stuff in with a steadier hand. Not to mention that your knees provide additional leverage to get the lid off one-handed. She was probably holding the cream/sugar in her other hand.

Also, until she got burned, she didn’t live in a world with warnings about not doing that.


The customer is an a**, but the OP literally comited assault. They are lucky they only got fired.

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