Did I do a faux pas?

Ok I need some advice here. Today is my parents’ 55th anniversary. I wished them a happy anniversary and posted a pic from their 50th.

Here’s the problem. I have a cousin whose mom is very sick and in the hospital and I have a friend whose boyfriend just died from Covid. I have made it private for right now. Is it ok what I did or should I leave it private?

Maybe its cuz I deleted my fb about 5 years ago, but I dont think you did anything wrong even if the post was public. Tragedies happen every day, but so do celebrations.

Happy anniversary to your parents 55 years is a big deal!!


You did nothing wrong. There is no reason to keep it private. If we only celebrate good things when everyone around us is happy, we would never celebrate anything. Life, good and bad, goes on, through sickness, sorrow and pain. Your happiness and your parents’ don’t increase someone else’s suffering.


I don’t see anything wrong. It was a nice thing to do.
Making it private is tactful for now, change it or not later as you see how things change around you.

I don’t know the system you’re using, but you could perhaps have two posts, a plain less-private one and a happier, close family only one.

When some of us have troubles, life goes on for others.

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