Dad's speaking for a disabled woman who can speak for herself at the doctors'

Do to my “special needs” I need to see a specialist in (provincal captial) once a year. Due to Covid I haven’t seen the doctor since May 2019. I can’t remember the last time Mom went with me to the specialist in-person. But after Dad retired from teaching in 2013- he took me to the specialist. And due to reasons of my parents think I “might not be able to understand” the doctor I have to have someone in the room (due to Dad’s behaviour below, I think even my sister would be a better choice to go to the specialist’s with me. She has done it once before because of Mom working)

You know how in the disabled community that professionals (teachers, doctors, etc) aren’t suppose to talk to the companion but to the disabled person? It also works the other way around as well

Note: he has gotten MUCH better at not doing the below thing but when I’m able to go see my specialist in-person I will be able to take Mom anyway.

The three stories only two of involving seeing the specialists (er more like the specialist’s resident).

First story-first time Dad took me to the specalist in (city). And once in there and i was seeing the resident Right before the resident went to find (Specialist)- my Dad started criticizing the fact “Mom and I stay up way too late”. It was embarrassing to me that he did that and it also hurt my feelings. Not to mention I didn’t think it was a problem.

2nd-story the following year due to the previously problem. I constantly asked Dad not to bring it up about my sleeping habits at the specialist’s. He then bugged me the entire trip there, and in the bloodwork room, etc in bringing it up myself. I didn’t see any point in bringing it up. Since I didn’t see a problem.

3rd story-This is the final story related to my specalist in (city). Once again Dad did something he shouldn’t. We had a good day (mostly beside the fact he’s always pulling my arm off crossing *** streets) -got a spot in a parking garage, got to the bloodwork lab on time, etc. Now when we finally got into the office after the resident asked me the usual questions- Dad spoke up and asked if the bloodwork showed my insulin level. Again he spoke for a disabled person who could speak for herself. And if I didn’t see a problem… I shouldn’t bring it up with my doctors.

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