Dad's other time of speaking at the doctor's

This is the final story of Dad speaking for me. Now Mom and I had to change our family doctors. For a couple of years before this story we didn’t have a family doctor. We had this doctor for maybe 2 years and then we changed to the doctor’s clinic in one of the threads over in the NAR section. We only changed because the doctor kept calling out a lot.

another background information-ever since my late maternal grandma kissed me when she had a coldsore when I was a wee child-I got coldsolds in all kind of situations to the point I need medication for it. I mostly use my father’s but sometimes he wants me to have my own source of it (doctors’ and the specialist did do it once)

I only met the doctor at that clinic twice. Now the night before I was to meat the doctor the first time due to Dad’s behaviour previous I had Mom talk to Dad. And it took awhile for him to get the message until Mom told him “how would you like it if I want to your doctor’s with you and told him stuff from my perspective?” Stuff went fine the first trip (I couldn’t answer all the doctor’s questions since I didn’t know much myself).

Now the 2nd trip a few weeks later-Dad and I are in the car on the way back to see the same doctor. I constantly ask him if he “remembered what Mom said last time”. He claimed “yes” and then told me to “remember to ask for cold sore prescription”. Guess what the FIRST thing which happened when we got into doctor’s office? if you guessed that Dad asked that FOR me that’s right!

I had enough of him talking for me at both my specalist’s and at the family doctor. I even wrote a contract asking him to either a)be quiet in the doctor’s room or b)like normal companions wait in the waiting room unless we (doctor/I) need them for something. Mom said my contract was “hurtful” but Dad’s behaviour was hurtful for me.

I think he finally got the message after Mom showed him a comic strip about a Jewish family in the paper. When the younger daughter was at the doctor’s and the Mom (protangist) was there and the younger daughter told Mom that SHE (the daughter) would answer the questions not the in-comic Mom. Until she revised that to say that Mom can answer the “hard” questions.